Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 8: H

I'm about a week late but hey better late than never.  So last weeks letter was H and this one was another no-brainer.

I love Harry Potter; I first started reading the books a little over 10yrs ago and they are absolutely amazing!  When I first read The Sorcerer's Stone  it reminded me of one of my favorite books growing up The Witches.  Yes I know they are two different stories but it's the fantastical idea of magic and adventure.  I mean how can you not like a book that brings you back to your childhood of fantasy and of course the ever constant battle of good vs. evil.  And of course once I started reading the first book I quickly dove in to the rest of the series which was then followed by the movies which were AMAZING!

I will never forget that moment of seeing Hogwarts for the very first time, it was exacty how I envisioned it and more. 

Just thinking about that moment right now makes me feel like a little kid, lol my inner geek is shinning through.  And incase anyone is wondering I have seen all but one as a midnight showing and yes standing in line for a few hours to finally see my favorite series come to life was so well worth it.  Did my hubby think I was crazy-or course, but hey I am a true fan.  Even now I can watch it over and over again when ABC Family decides to run a Harry Potter weekend.  What is even more exciting is that my kids love the movies and DD1 just finished book 1 and book 2 should be here shortly.  Oh and incase you're wondering yes I have the books but they're in hardback and even though I know she would take care of my books I still couldn't let her read them; I know call me crazy or selfish but when I buy hardback it's because I really love the book and want them to last.  But like I said her book should be here any day now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

New School

Like many families today was my kiddos first day back to school, and they started a new school this year.  I can't believe DD1 is going into 4th grade and DS is going into 1st. It really does feel like it was just yesterday with DD1 when she started Kinder, and for DS it really doesn't feel like it it's been that long ago when he was toddling around.  They just looked to grown today it made me all happy and sad and it took everything for me not to cry when I left this morning.  Sure I was happy to get some one-on-one time with my two little ones but it was crazy quiet.

A lot of my feeling out of sorts is because they had to start all over, new school, new teachers, new friends.  Plus I also had to let go of DS; he stayed home with me and when I did work he stayed with a sitter for a few months and then was with me again at the school I was working at.  But today I had to let go, really let go and trust that he would have a great first day and wouldn't need me to "pop-in" in the middle of the day.  I  also couldn't just walk down the hall and peak in just to see what he was doing; I loved watching my kids learn (that hit me the hardest in May).  It was amazing to just look in and see the little light bulb going off, watching them interact...look at me getting nostalgic.  Then there is DD1, after last school year of us having to deal with "mean girls" I was so nervous wondering and hoping she would make friends.  She is so outgoing and yet it only takes ONE little brat to ruin it all, especially in a private school setting.  Now I know I sound petty and I'm not knocking private school but small classes means not a lot of people to choose from.  And this little girl really had it out for my baby.  

Sooo instead of me fully enjoying my two little ones I spent it wondering how there day was going, were they having fun, did they like their teachers; it was crazy but normal.  And as the day was coming to an end I get a phone call from the school.  *Panic mode begins*  OMG the day is almost over what could have happened did someone get hurt, in trouble, what I mean WHAT could have happened.  It's DD1 teacher saying she is on the bus rider list but she's insisting she's a car rider--whew I can now breathe.  I explain that she's right and I had called Friday morning to change it but you know how things can be on the first day.  He said no problem and I asked if he could make sure my son's teacher knew and he said yes.  Great I'm happy that all is ok now I just to get the little ones ready to go sit in a loooong carpool line.

Now I'm in carpool and as I get closer I can see DS waiting with a teacher with a look of worry, he knows he's been called but he doesn't see me and I think the other part was that he was out there without DD1, I can see the teacher trying to assure him that I'll be pulling up soon.  Then the teacher spots me points to where I'm at and then I see my baby with a big smile and man he just melted my heart!  The have to call DD1 because I'm sure she was to busy talking and didn't hear but hey at least she wasn't on the bus.

Then to my delight they get into the car with smiling faces beaming from one ear to the other telling me how great their day was and how they had made friends.  Ahhh this mamma can now rest easy and tomorrow I won't feel so frazzled.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ahh Sleep

For the past two night DD3 has slept for 6 1/2hrs straight at night, and it has been wonderful.  I have to say out of all of my kids she has done it the soonest, my others were anywhere from 3 1/2 to 4 months.  What an amazing feeling to get that much sleep.  Normally by now I would put her in her own room but she's too little and I like her right where she is sleeping in my room-for now anyway.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stupid AC

I think it was a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining about our AC froze and DH was able to get it working again.  Well it happened again and no matter what DH did it was planning on staying frozen, so of course we had to call someone.  And here is where frustration sets in (aside from no ac); so yesterday morning DH calls and tells them the problem and asks when they can come over, lady says she'll have to call back because she needs to look at the schedule.  It's now been a little over an hour and still no call so I decide to call and get the ball rolling...

Me: Hi I'm ___, and my husband called about our ac and I was wondering if you had a chance to look at the schedule.
Lady: Yes ma'am, and all of our technicians are out and I haven't heard back...(she trails off)
Me: Sooo you're saying probably not today.
Lady: Yes, because I would hate to tell you today and then no one can get there.
Me: Ok so how about tomorrow morning
Lady: Oh! Would you like me to put you down for tomorrow morning?
Me: *in my head-No dip shit I want to sit in a hot freaking house with 4 kids for the rest of the damn week* What I actually said was "yes I would like someone here first thing in the morning.
Lady: How does a time between 9-10?
Me: If that's the earliest then perfect

Now let me mention again that we live in Texas and even though it was in the mid 80's it's still hot out here, so please explain where the common sense was when that lady was acting like a damn idiot.  On the bright side he was here first thing in the morning and our problems are solved.  Ahhhh I'm now a happy mamma who's been cleaning like crazy since I've been at my in-laws.

Next adventure is meet the teacher night tomorrow!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 7: G

This weeks challenge was a no-brainer because my word is Games, and not just any game it's our all-time favorite and we play every time we're together.

I am always the racecar and she is always the money bags.  This game has sparked much laughter, eating way to many sweets and on occasion some arguing (I'm competitive), which always ends in laughter.  We have our own rules like no one can buy until you've passed GO, however you're subject to pay taxes (which sucks), and even if you go to jail you still have to pass GO until you can buy.  All taxes go to Free Parking, and there are certain properties that when you land on it you have to say it a certain way; for ex. Baltic Ave, is Ball Sac (lol I know childish but hilarious) the other ones are to hard to write because it's how we say it.  Why, I don't know it's just how we are and it's how we've always been.  Oh and you can not pick up someone else's Chance or Community Chest card unless they ask you to; don't want your bad mojo.  However, we don't we care if you move our game piece.  There have been times when DH has decided to play with us and sometimes regrets it because we'll gang up on him, however, the last time we played they ganged up on me and I'll admit I wasn't to happy but it was nothing a glass of milk and a BIG helping of German Chocolate Bar couldn't fix.

The picture to your right is the Holy Grail of Monopoly for us, which is currently in our mom's possession.  She purchased this back in the early 90's before my sister and I started to make this game our thing to do-it's as if she knew.  The deal is when she does decide to give it to us it's a 6month split between the two of us and that's just fine.  Our little obsession goes a little further; we've also talked about getting a tattoo to commemorate our love, and sisterhood.  I think many of you can understand but this game really is a part of us and our relationship,  we're constantly cutting-up, and sometimes throw in a few serious talks.  Even my DH gets it, one day while listening to the news they were talking about N. Carolina and he thought of my sister (because how she says it), and he texted her a pic just for laughs.  And even though we welcome a visitor or two to play with us (no kids allowed), we really do prefer for it to just be the two of us.

Now it's your turn; I want to know if there is a game you and your siblings or spouse love to play.  It doesn't have to be a board game it can be anything.  For instance a game DH and I love to play with his parents and got my sister into is Farkle-love this game.  And our fave thing to yell out is "What the Farkle!"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Haircut

Not sure if any of y'all knew this but for the month of August JcPenny is giving free haircuts to all kids in grades K-6th.  I don't know about any of you but if it's free and I know they do a good job I'm there.  As a matter of fact I called today and booked the kids an appointment; it's in two weeks but hey it's free.  So hurry up and get on the phone and call before they're all booked-which happened to my sister.

Just Go To Bed!

For the past couple of weeks DS has been having problems staying in bed.  It never fails every night, and I mean EVERY NIGHT he'll come out of his room to tell or ask us something.  Oh and it's not just once or twice I'm talking like 3 or 4 times.  It's driving me freaking bananas!!!

Here are some of the excuses:

  1. Can I go to the bathroom? (Grrrr yes you don't have to ask!)
  2. Can I have a drink of water I'm thirsty? (NO, cuz then you'll want to go to the bathroom AGAIN)
  3. I can't sleep because I hear DD1 sleeping (Then shut your door)
  4. I can't sleep because DD2 is playing in her room (she's a whole nother ball of wax and for her not to be screaming and crying is a plus-my reply is same as above)
  5. I just wanted to give you a hug and tell you I love you (Ok now if he uses this one first then I'll feel bad but when it's this far down the list I'm annoyed)
As you can see night time at my house is a loooong and exhausting task because not only is he getting up but as you can see DD2 takes forever to go to sleep and the only thing keeping her in her room is the gate.  Seriously y'all it's getting old, if DD2 isn't crying LOUDLY, then he's getting out of bed over and over again. My big issue is when school starts; I can't have him getting out of bed every 2 min just because.  

So here's my question, would it be bad to put a lock on the outside of his door, or maybe I should get a huge gate he can't climb over.  Ok, Ok, I'm kidding I wouldn't really do that, even though the thought has crossed my mind.  

*Totally random but don't you wish you had a soundproof glass divider in your car.  I know I do that way I wouldn't have to listen to all the nonsense like: "he's touching me" "quit looking at me" "MOM", oh I could go on...