Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 7: G

This weeks challenge was a no-brainer because my word is Games, and not just any game it's our all-time favorite and we play every time we're together.

I am always the racecar and she is always the money bags.  This game has sparked much laughter, eating way to many sweets and on occasion some arguing (I'm competitive), which always ends in laughter.  We have our own rules like no one can buy until you've passed GO, however you're subject to pay taxes (which sucks), and even if you go to jail you still have to pass GO until you can buy.  All taxes go to Free Parking, and there are certain properties that when you land on it you have to say it a certain way; for ex. Baltic Ave, is Ball Sac (lol I know childish but hilarious) the other ones are to hard to write because it's how we say it.  Why, I don't know it's just how we are and it's how we've always been.  Oh and you can not pick up someone else's Chance or Community Chest card unless they ask you to; don't want your bad mojo.  However, we don't we care if you move our game piece.  There have been times when DH has decided to play with us and sometimes regrets it because we'll gang up on him, however, the last time we played they ganged up on me and I'll admit I wasn't to happy but it was nothing a glass of milk and a BIG helping of German Chocolate Bar couldn't fix.

The picture to your right is the Holy Grail of Monopoly for us, which is currently in our mom's possession.  She purchased this back in the early 90's before my sister and I started to make this game our thing to do-it's as if she knew.  The deal is when she does decide to give it to us it's a 6month split between the two of us and that's just fine.  Our little obsession goes a little further; we've also talked about getting a tattoo to commemorate our love, and sisterhood.  I think many of you can understand but this game really is a part of us and our relationship,  we're constantly cutting-up, and sometimes throw in a few serious talks.  Even my DH gets it, one day while listening to the news they were talking about N. Carolina and he thought of my sister (because how she says it), and he texted her a pic just for laughs.  And even though we welcome a visitor or two to play with us (no kids allowed), we really do prefer for it to just be the two of us.

Now it's your turn; I want to know if there is a game you and your siblings or spouse love to play.  It doesn't have to be a board game it can be anything.  For instance a game DH and I love to play with his parents and got my sister into is Farkle-love this game.  And our fave thing to yell out is "What the Farkle!"

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