Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 8: H

I'm about a week late but hey better late than never.  So last weeks letter was H and this one was another no-brainer.

I love Harry Potter; I first started reading the books a little over 10yrs ago and they are absolutely amazing!  When I first read The Sorcerer's Stone  it reminded me of one of my favorite books growing up The Witches.  Yes I know they are two different stories but it's the fantastical idea of magic and adventure.  I mean how can you not like a book that brings you back to your childhood of fantasy and of course the ever constant battle of good vs. evil.  And of course once I started reading the first book I quickly dove in to the rest of the series which was then followed by the movies which were AMAZING!

I will never forget that moment of seeing Hogwarts for the very first time, it was exacty how I envisioned it and more. 

Just thinking about that moment right now makes me feel like a little kid, lol my inner geek is shinning through.  And incase anyone is wondering I have seen all but one as a midnight showing and yes standing in line for a few hours to finally see my favorite series come to life was so well worth it.  Did my hubby think I was crazy-or course, but hey I am a true fan.  Even now I can watch it over and over again when ABC Family decides to run a Harry Potter weekend.  What is even more exciting is that my kids love the movies and DD1 just finished book 1 and book 2 should be here shortly.  Oh and incase you're wondering yes I have the books but they're in hardback and even though I know she would take care of my books I still couldn't let her read them; I know call me crazy or selfish but when I buy hardback it's because I really love the book and want them to last.  But like I said her book should be here any day now.

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