Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stupid AC

I think it was a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining about our AC froze and DH was able to get it working again.  Well it happened again and no matter what DH did it was planning on staying frozen, so of course we had to call someone.  And here is where frustration sets in (aside from no ac); so yesterday morning DH calls and tells them the problem and asks when they can come over, lady says she'll have to call back because she needs to look at the schedule.  It's now been a little over an hour and still no call so I decide to call and get the ball rolling...

Me: Hi I'm ___, and my husband called about our ac and I was wondering if you had a chance to look at the schedule.
Lady: Yes ma'am, and all of our technicians are out and I haven't heard back...(she trails off)
Me: Sooo you're saying probably not today.
Lady: Yes, because I would hate to tell you today and then no one can get there.
Me: Ok so how about tomorrow morning
Lady: Oh! Would you like me to put you down for tomorrow morning?
Me: *in my head-No dip shit I want to sit in a hot freaking house with 4 kids for the rest of the damn week* What I actually said was "yes I would like someone here first thing in the morning.
Lady: How does a time between 9-10?
Me: If that's the earliest then perfect

Now let me mention again that we live in Texas and even though it was in the mid 80's it's still hot out here, so please explain where the common sense was when that lady was acting like a damn idiot.  On the bright side he was here first thing in the morning and our problems are solved.  Ahhhh I'm now a happy mamma who's been cleaning like crazy since I've been at my in-laws.

Next adventure is meet the teacher night tomorrow!

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