Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Go To Bed!

For the past couple of weeks DS has been having problems staying in bed.  It never fails every night, and I mean EVERY NIGHT he'll come out of his room to tell or ask us something.  Oh and it's not just once or twice I'm talking like 3 or 4 times.  It's driving me freaking bananas!!!

Here are some of the excuses:

  1. Can I go to the bathroom? (Grrrr yes you don't have to ask!)
  2. Can I have a drink of water I'm thirsty? (NO, cuz then you'll want to go to the bathroom AGAIN)
  3. I can't sleep because I hear DD1 sleeping (Then shut your door)
  4. I can't sleep because DD2 is playing in her room (she's a whole nother ball of wax and for her not to be screaming and crying is a plus-my reply is same as above)
  5. I just wanted to give you a hug and tell you I love you (Ok now if he uses this one first then I'll feel bad but when it's this far down the list I'm annoyed)
As you can see night time at my house is a loooong and exhausting task because not only is he getting up but as you can see DD2 takes forever to go to sleep and the only thing keeping her in her room is the gate.  Seriously y'all it's getting old, if DD2 isn't crying LOUDLY, then he's getting out of bed over and over again. My big issue is when school starts; I can't have him getting out of bed every 2 min just because.  

So here's my question, would it be bad to put a lock on the outside of his door, or maybe I should get a huge gate he can't climb over.  Ok, Ok, I'm kidding I wouldn't really do that, even though the thought has crossed my mind.  

*Totally random but don't you wish you had a soundproof glass divider in your car.  I know I do that way I wouldn't have to listen to all the nonsense like: "he's touching me" "quit looking at me" "MOM", oh I could go on... 

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