Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 5: E

While reading one of my new fav blogs: Graceful Disaster I came across a fun challenge to do. It's a weekly challenge hosted by Love Kate; I know I've started a little late but I don't think anyone would mind.

So here it is week 5 and the letter is E; I thought I would do Embarrassing, because really deep down we ALL love to laugh at someone when they do something embarrassing. First runner up...9th grade, that's right high school. This is supposed to be a time where you're cool because well you're in high school, you've already gone thru puberty and any other awkwardness like braces and finally getting boobs. Wish I could say the same. Ok so my 9th grade was my preppy stage and any prep would know to complete just about any out you need some cute looking flats/loafers/deck shoes, you know what I'm talking about I think all the rage was Cole Haan's and no I didn't buy the expensive brand. Anyway I loved my shoes and wore them all the time until they decided to have a mind of their own. The first time (yep there's a second) I slipped in them was after a boys basketball game (I was an athletic trainer-or as I put someone who got out of P.E. to watch the boys). We just got back to school and as I'm getting off the bus I just don't slip on one step I slipped down ALL of them landing on my rear on the cement with the medical bag spilled all over me. Oh the horror of having to laugh at myself because it was funny but also TOTALLY AND UTTERLY EMBARRASSED! Of course everyone is laughing but they did help up and needless to say my ego along with my butt and elbows were bruised.

Incident #2: same damn shoes because I didn't learn the first time. My BF and I decide to go to a JV basketball game and as they're warming up what happens I slip in a puddle of water and bust my ass AGAIN! But this time to make it worse not only am I my BF, and kids laughing but so is the visiting coach!! Needless to say I got up laughed brushed myself off gave the coach my most bitchest look and threw those damn shoes away.

Incident #3: Now this one I'm not embarrassed but it's funny as hell. As any mom knows once you have kids your bladder just doesn't work the way it used to. Well one night I was hanging with my friends having fun chilling when I start having a sneeze attack; before I could cross my legs I peed on myself, and so much that you could see it. And of course this brought on much more hysterics cause it's just to damn funny when that happens. Wish I could say my bladder works better but it doesn't and I still have to cross my legs and hope for the best and sometimes I do pee on myself...hmmm maybe I should get some depends :)

Well there you have it a few embarrassing moments in my life I'm sure there are more but maybe my subconscious has blocked them out. Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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