Wednesday, August 1, 2012


On Monday I finally made it up to the school to register my kids; I can't believe my babies will be in 1st and 4th grade! As I mentioned a few posts back I was working at a private christian school as a pre-k teacher's assistant. I had been there for three years and I really did enjoy my job up until this last year, here I thought new teacher to work for should be good because hey we both started at the same time and she was an aide too. WRONG! Ok well at first it was pretty good but then it slowly started to change and things just got weird, actually know what the problem was 1 aide for 2 teachers. Both classes were much smaller this past year and so really 1 aide was all they needed, but I think one of them (the one who was an aide) just couldn't get used to the idea of having to share. Hmmmm if I remember isn't that what we're supposed to teaching these little guys. Anyways what started off as slightly annoying just turned into pettiness which got this lady into b*^%h mode; or at the time my friend and I called it the Mamma Bear since I was preggo and hormones were raging. But in all fairness to my hormones she really was being an ass. I mean here I am in my 2nd and 3rd trimester and she has the nerve to ask me to get on a step stool to do bulletin boards; yes it's my job but my baby is more important than posting up artwork. It got so bad she would ask the other aide (for 1st) why she was doing it and not me! Are you freaking kidding me maybe so I don't fall on myself. Anyway after all of the crap and some issues my DD1 was having I made the decision to quit and really it was the smart thing to do because after paying for two kids tuition and two kids at a sitter I would have like $25 to my name; no thanks.

As happy as I was and still am to be able to stay home with my two babies I am sad that I had to take my kids out, and sad that I won't be seeing the friends I have made everyday, especially Natalie. Her and I have been thru a lot the past couple of years and its been a lifesaver having her there for me, and yes we still talk but I still won't get to see her everyday (just not the same). But the hardest thing for me is not being able to be with my kids everyday at school. One of the best things about working there was getting to see my kiddos throughout the day and just know that I'm there if anything goes wrong or they just need a little word of encouragement. And even though I've been thru separation with DD1 I have not been thru this with Bud, and honestly I don't know if I can. Haha a little dramatic, but I haven't had to leave him with his teacher and just walk away and hope that he has a great day! And I'm sure I'll be the only mom in the first grade hall crying and I'm sure some mom will be thinking "umm didn't she get this out of her system LAST YEAR when her kid started kindergarten." So yes this starting school year is bittersweet but it will be a good one and if not then have all of you to blog/cry to about it.

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