Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get Real

This morning I'm checking my email and I get one saying I have a coupon to purchase a sling which will be basically free and all I have to pay is s&h; ok cool. I go to the site they have cute slings but I notice all the "moms" look like this

I mean come on I don't know about any of you but I sure as hell don't look like that. Now please don't get me wrong I'm not jealous of these girls but sometimes I just get tired of how unrealistic new moms look. I know, I know I'm not a "brand new mom" since this is my 4th go round, but let me be honest after DD1 I looked huge the 30lbs I gained just resituated itself. It was hard for me to loose the weight and even after 4 I'm still not at the pre-preggo weight and I'm ok if I never get back to it but I do know that I need to exercise and stay healthy. But think about the first time you were a mom your body is all out of whack and you just don't look like the way you did and the last thing any of us need or want to see is some hot and poppin 20yr old who's never had a kid look like a dang movie star.

Sure there are days when I actually have time to do my hair and if I'm lucky put on a full face but that's not all the time. I don't know about any of you but a lot of time my hair is a hot mess which means some type of ponytail, you can usually find me in a t-shirt or tank and a pair of shorts or pj pants, no make-up because really my kids could care less if I'm all dolled up to make a pb & j, and did I mention I'm usually sporting spit-up too. No they don't have to look like quite like me but I don't always want to see someone who looks like they walked out of a photo shoot.

So with that being said I'm off my little soap box and to any moms old or new who feel like me and wish at times they could look like that just know that it doesn't matter to our precious babies how we look, all that matters is the love we show them.

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