Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinterest Pass/Fail

Like everybody else I love Pinterest; I love imagining myself become more organized, crafty, a photog, gardener, quilter extraordinaire, and maybe a better cook. I pin all kinds of stuff and lately I finally decided to try out some of things I’ve pinned, and of course I’m going to share what has worked and what hasn’t
First thing I tried

it didn't require much just
8oz of soap,
a cheese grater
a gallon of water
a stockpot; and a container for the leftover
oh and Glycerin (optional-which I didn't use).

Mix everything together and presto you now have bodywash. Ok here's the downlow on this, the first time I used this recipe I used Dove soap and about half the amt. of water-end result great smelling bodywash a little thick at first but added a bit more water and no problem. Also I should mention DH did this with Irish Spring and it came out snotty-blah. The second time I bought

I did the same again (minus Glycerin), and this time it came out like Irish Spring, snotty-gross. It smells just like lavender but the consistency is just nasty, so in order for me to use it I have to shake it up real good and then it's not so bad. So the verdict on this is yes I would use it BUT next time I will only be using Dove.

Second pin I tried was this:
Umm yeah FAIL, it didn't work and before you ask yes I followed the recipe and so did my mil and still nothing not even a glimmer. My kids were disappointed but hey what can you do.

Now on to the third

Yes success it worked and my kids love it! Plus it's super easy
1c flour
1c water
1/3c salt
2tsp cream of tartar
1tbs vege oil
food coloring

See super easy and fun. Now that I've tried a few there is still plenty more on my boards that I'm itching to try and when I get around to them I'll let you know how it worked out. And please if any of you have tried out stuff on Pinterest let me know.

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