Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Little About Me

It has been way to long since I have blogged anything but I'm back and for good this time and it feels so good.  And I'm sure the next question you're going to ask is "where have you been?"  Well simply put working, for the past 3 years I have been a teacher's aide for a private christian school (talk about that another day).  And for the rest of my time I have been busy with my kiddos.  If I'm right the last time I was on here I had 3 kids, but that number has changed as of last month and we welcomed number 4!  So since it's been awhile I'll do a run thru of my little zoo I call home and introduce you to all my sweet little ones that can drive me crazy one minute and melt my heart the next.

DD1: At times referred to as Sweet Pea but being that she's 9 going on 16 she's been more of a drama queen.  Even though she has a flair for the dramatics she is a very loving person who at the most part aims to please and make others around her happy.  She smart, sweet, beautiful, and I swear in her head she lives her life as a musical; watch out Broadway!

 DS: As a baby and toddler referred to as Monkey but is now called Bud (now 6), or as his friends in Kinder nicknamed "The Class Clown".  Oh where to begin with this one, hmmm he has a big heart, and will do anything you ask of him BUT, for as sweet as he it he is just as crazy.  He's all boy chasing and catching bugs and driving his sisters crazy, he makes us all laugh by the things he says and does.  Did I mention he is now the lone ranger to his 3 sisters which will be a task in its own but he will have the upper hand later in life.

DD2: She is Baby Girl but at 2 she is definitely a Diva or Princess as she calls herself!  She is sweet, loving, very girly, loves her baby dolls (very maternal), sings, dance, BUT make her mad and she'll let you know it.  Not afraid to run with the big 2 and can handle her own (survival of the fittest), but can be exhausting when she thinks she's the one to rule the zoo.  And now for the latest addition

DD3: Almost 2 months old and is a precious as can be I call her peanut because well she's just so little and is as cute as a button.  As of now she loves to eat and sleep but she is getting more expressive everyday smiling and checking out the world around her, did I mention the girl can sleep thru just about anything...again I live in a zoo.  

Now who runs this zoo well first there's me Queen, lol I don't really refer to myself like that ok sometimes but hey what woman doesn't feel like a Queen.  And then there is my DH who can press my buttons like no one I know but who is also a great dad and husband and to be honest patient because I know I don't always make it easy; but I won't be telling him that.
Well there you have it a quick run down of everyone here but if you stick around you'll get to know all of us a little better, and if you like what you read great drop me a line!

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