Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Nooo What Happened?!?

The other night I'm washing bottles when all of sudden I hear DH yell "What the hell happened, have you seen this!" Let me I haven't I'm cleaning while you're taking a shower (now just to let y'all know if you haven't guessed I'm very sarcastic-it's just who I am). Well now he has everyone's attention and of course the kids make it to the room before I do and you know how kids can be especially DD1 (overly dramatic). So when I walk in literally 30sec later I hear "Omg, what wasn't me!" In all fairness their dramatics were well placed because this is what we saw.

That's right someone dumped an entire thing of fish food into the tank, and yes we knew exactly who it was. Would anyone like to guess who the culprit was...

Here's the rundown: I was in the kitchen and come on I'm like 33 way to old for crap like that; Hubby in the shower; DD1 and DS watching the Olympics and neither one would be bold enough to think it would be funny, plus they know it could kill the fish. This now leaves us to only two, hmmmm wonder who it could have been since DD3 is 2 months old. That's right our little diva (DD2), and what is Miss Thing saying as we're all looking out "Oh nooo what happened?!?" That's right she's totally putting the blame on someone else and it's taking all that the rest of us can do not to laugh because we ALL know it was her, but she's playing innocent until DH says "we've told you not to mess with stuff on the desk or the fish" to which she replies "I sorry Daddy." Ahhh they know just what to say and how to say it.

But here's the kicker it's now
, Tuesday and this happened Sunday night. Do you think the tank has been cleaned out-NO. Do you think I'm going to clean that out since I didn't want the tank in the first place-NO. Grrr he better get to it tomorrow because it looks gross, and before anyone freaks out the fish is in a bowl that's way more clean than the nasty thing sitting in my room.

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Graceful Disaster said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Way to deflect there DD2!! She's destined for either a life of crime or some very entertaining pranks anyway. LOL!!! At first glance, I thought someone had puked in the aquarium...guess fish food is better than vomit. Good luck :)