Friday, July 27, 2012

I Just Couldn't Help Myself

There has been an "issue" going on in my house for some time know with DD1 and food. This past year has been HELL for us and let me explain why...It all started with me doing my weekly run through of the rooms making sure there crap stuff has been picked up like clothes, toys, and whatever misc junk they find from wherever throughout the week, along with washing sheets. Well on one of my check-ins I notice she has candy wrappers stuffed in her pillowcase and not just a one or two I'm talking at least 10 or more! Ugh, we have a talk with her about food in her room because frankly I don't like it the idea of crumbs and possible bugs just wigs me out; did I mention I have OCD tendencies at times. She apologizes and says she won't do again-WRONG! Ok well she didn't but then we started noticing the candy and cookies and whatever sweets in the pantry are dwindling and it's not because of my sweet tooth. Come to find out after terrorgating her and DS we find out the culprit is of course DD1. Seriously stop with all the sweets if you're hungry look for something a little bit more healthy, that's why we buy fruit, or crackers, hell eat a dang bag of chips but quit with all the freaking candy; and just for the record I'm still finding it in her backpack and stuff. Fast forward again a few weeks and as I go to get DD2 ready for bed I find ANTS in her room, ANTS!!! And which wall are these annoying little ants guessed it the wall that shares DD1 and DD2. Oh yeah I'm now pissed and go storming into her room because I just know she's been eating in her room AGAIN! I call DH and tell him what's going on and of course DD1 is insisting that she hasn't been eating in her room cuz she knows the s*^t is about to hit the fan. So here it is 10pm and we go thru everything and we hit the mother load. Candy wrappers in her nightstand and under it along with it being under her bed, in her backpack, bookcase, and then I proceed to the closet...holy s@#t balls! Gum wrappers, whole pieces of gum (not chewed) more wrappers, cupcake liners that are hard like rocks, Popsicle sticks, and that just what was on the floor, I then find more of this crap in her Rubbermaid boxes. It took us over an hour to clean and vacuum up her room, and yes she got disciplined.

I'm sure at this point some of you are wondering how I don't know this is going on well here's the deal I like to take naps and since this past year I was working and preggo I took a nap every weekend-that's how I didn't know. Anyways the next day we go and buy a lock for the pantry door because obviously she can't be trusted and that lock has been on there ever since. So why am I posting about all of this today since there's a lock and surely she hasn't gotten into it-wrong again. I'm making dinner and while the meat is defrosting in the microwave I'm on the comp. checking some stuff, she comes in telling me about the cool stuff in the Olympic Ceremony and then leaves to go watch some more (at least I thought). I walk out about a min or two later to the kitchen and there she is in the pantry.

Me: What are you doing?
DD1: I'm in trouble aren't I?
Me: What are you doing in there?
DD1: I couldn't help myself, it just looked so good (I now see the pack of Oreo frosting in her hand) and remember how good it tasted on the cupcakes! I was hungry!
Me: (I'll admit the way she looked and said it I was laughing in the inside but held my composure) "Are you serious out of all the things in there you go and pick the frosting plus I'm making dinner right now."
DD1: So now I'm going to get a spanking great!
Me: It's not like we haven't had this discussion before.

She's now whining and crying and I go back to dinner because honestly at this point I just don't know what to do and don't want to deal with it so I tell her to help her brother find his DS charger since DD2 misplaced it today and we still don't know what she did with it. I call my sister and tell her and we have a laugh but at the same time wondering what to do. After dinner we're enjoying jello and what does DD1 say "I hope you enjoy your jello." Me: I hope your frosting was worth it because not only are you not eating any type of sweets but you'll be eating nothing but veggies for dinner for the next week, consider it opening yourself to new tastes." And you can imagine the moaning and whining we had to listen to and will be listening to for the rest of the week, but maybe now she will get the message and either choose something better then candy and if she's not sure ASK, because really how many times do you need to be disciplined before you get a clue?!?

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