Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not Cool

Here it is summer I live in Texas and what does my hubby say "Did you know our ac was frozen?" What!! No I didn't ahhh just great and of course his dad is out of town so we can't have him look at it-great.  Anyway he notices the breaker was flipped oooo maybe all is not lost to heat.  Ok flip breaker bust out the hair dryer and cross our fingers.  Fast forward to this morning turn the air on and 15min later it's freezing over. Grrr, I mean I'm glad our summer hasn't been as hot but still. Lucky for us we live on the same property as his so the kids and I go over while looking for the number of a guy who can fix without sucking us dry.  But wait hubby has had anothet lightbulb go off and says hey the filters look really bad what if I clean them and see if thats's the problem.  Ok I'm game I mean hey it can't hurt.  And guess what it's working, oh thank goodness!

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