Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Gotta Poop!

It seems that lately Baby Girl is having a hard time staying in her room (imagine that a 2 1/2 yr old not wanting to be in her room).  It has gotten seriously out of control I'm talking opening and closing her siblings door, running into the living room and just coming up with every reason under the sun to not stay in her room and go to bed.  Well enough is enough and a few days ago we went out and bought a baby gate, think about it do you ever see animals loose in the zoo ;)  Needless to say she doesn't like and the first few nights was pure torture for her and us (screaming, crying).  Once we got passed that she figured if she yelled out she had to pee or poop well then of course we would let her out even if only for a few minutes.  And now she's started a game with every 5-10 min of yelling to go potty us getting her and the cycle starts over but didn't last long.  Last night she started it up AGAIN, but we knew better because we took her potty right before bed.  Oh man were we so very wrong, after about 15 min of her screaming to go potty Hubby went to go get her and how he wish had gotten her sooner.  I pull her pull-up down and there you have it a bunch of poop!  Oh man talk about a gross smelly mess.  But please tell me how he didn't smell crap when he got her cause I could sure smell the lingering in her room-blah.  After cleaning her up we told her that she needed to go one time and that she couldn't keep coming in and out of her room.  How is tonight going?  Well not to bad only one time asking to go, she went, no more calling out but she is playing...one battle at a time.

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