Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Good Weekend

I know it's been awhile and I'm sorry it's just that I've been busy, oh and yesterday our internet was acting up.  Anyway we had a really good weekend, kind of crazy and busy but fun.  Friday night was Sweet Pea's dress rehearsal because you know it's recital time again.  Then Saturday she had a soccer game; they got stomped but her and another girl scored a goal so at least that was something.  Then later on that evening was her recital.  Now if you remember last year we had a bit of a problem and she ended up not doing her first dance but did the second.  Anyway this year was much, much better; she did both dances.  No drama and she did so well and of course I was very proud of her.  As for doing dance next year I told her she didn't have to and it would be ok with us but she said she had so much fun and she really likes it and is going to do it next year.


Tracy said...

You were busy!
I'm glad she did better at the recital. We have ours coming up soon too and the girls are so excited!

Burg said...

I guess I should also apologize for lurking more than commenting.. :P

Catwoman said...

Wow, that's a really busy weekend! Glad she did better than last year and that she's loving it enough to want to continue!

sudiegirl said...

Congrats to your daughter's successful recital. I know it's hard to get five year olds to do anything, so the fact that she did is a testament to her and you.

Let's hope her interest in dance continues!

Tracy said...

Everything ok? Haven't seen you around blog land in a while. I hope everyone is alright. Come back soon!

Tracy said...

Ummmm, hello? Didn't Jesse used to blog here?

Seriously, I hope you and everyone in your family is ok and you're just taking a break. Just wanted to let you know that we miss you!