Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everything is fine

I'm sorry for not telling y'all that I was taking a break.  Ok well I wasn't planning on it, it just kind of happened.  I finished my spring semester with 3 A's and 2 B's--go me.  Now I'm taking a summer school class and it's been going pretty well at least I think it is but I won't know until I get my grade back for my first test.  This means come fall I'm only taking 12 hrs instead of 15 and by the end of November I will officially be done and graduating.  AND YES I'M UBER EXCITED ABOUT IT!  However, in January I'll be back in school working on my post-bacc for early education, but hey I don't care I'll have a bachelor's degree which has taken me some time. 

The kids are great--Sweet Pea starts kindergarten in Aug and I can't believe it; Monkey is still his usual exploring self getting into everything and anything he can.  I did try to potty train but no luck; I plan on trying again in about a month.  Oh and we finally broke the habit of him sticking his hands down his diaper so that right there is a HUGE PLUS.

I do have some new news that you may be surprised about....  I have a new passion and it's quilting; that's another reason why I haven't been blogging.  This is something I wanted to do last summer but never got around to it and so this summer I decided that nothing was going to stop me.  I bought a new sewing machine and couldn't believe how expensive they can be.

This is my machine a Janome Hearth Truth, I'm not sure how to do a whole lot but I'm having fun trying.  A couple of weeks ago I took a wreath of hearts quilt class and I'm almost done with it; all I have left is the border, backing, and binding, oh and of course the actual quilting.  It sounds like a lot but I think the most time consuming will be the machine quilting part.  And as of now I'm taking a beginning piecing class that is teaching me how to make some basic blocks.  When I'm done with my projects I will be sure to post them on here.

I'm sorry I didn't let y'all know that everything was fine-thanks Tracy for asking!  I've missed blogging and getting to read what's going on with everyone else.  I'm going to try and make my rounds some time this week.


Tracy said...

Hey! glad to have you back!

I've always wanted to learn how to quilt but never have. Is it really hard? That's one of those things that I wish I had learned from my grandmother. She used to quilt all the time.

You certainly sound busy with school and quilting classes!

Like you, I gave up on Potty training for a month or so. He just completely lost interest all of a sudden so I figured I would just roll with it.

sudiegirl said...

Wow...that's quite the toy you've got. ;-)

You'll have to take a picture of this project when you're done and post it on here. I'd love to see it!