Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Birthday Celebration

This past Sunday we had Sweet Pea's 5th birthday party.  I honestly can't believe she's 5 and will be starting kindergarten.  I know I say stuff like that every year but I really can't believe it because it feels like it was only yesterday when I first brought her home.  As for her party everything went well; it rained a little bit that morning and it was actually cold.  But by the time the party got going it turned out to be beautiful and the kids were able to play outside.  Her party was The Backyardigans and I even found a place that makes the cake to go with it-Walmart.  She ended up getting the Biggest Littlest Pet Shop and some accessories, craft stuff, clothes, Disney Princess stuff, a bike, oh and moon sand. 

Also this year we asked David's dad if he could build the kids a swing set and that was up and running for the party--it's really a gift for both kids.  Anyway the kids were playing on the swing because the ladder wasn't set up yet to get on the slide.  He's almost done all that's left is the ladder because he had to add some rails yesterday; anyway as soon as it's done I'll be posting some pictures of it.


MGM said...

Happy B-Day, Sweet Pea! My daughter would love to play PetShop with you!

Tracy said...

Like you, I say that every year too. I think it's because our days are so mashed up together being so busy being a mom and then you realize "Oh my goodness, another year has gone by?"
It sounds like Sweetpea had a great party.
Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

P.S. We had the moonsand. You might want them to play with it outside because it makes a huge mess! But the kids love it!

Julie said...

Sounds like a nice birthday party that everyone enjoyed!