Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mama, Help Me!

If I've told y'all this story then I apologize if not then great.  Not to long ago Monkey and I were out shopping for Sweet Pea (she was home w/David).  Anyway I'm sure I've mentioned before that Monkey does not like to shop, he hates it but I make him tag along because you know I can't exactly leave him at home even if he does scream like a banshee at times.  Ok well we're looking around Target and his patience (what little there is) is now running thin and he's tired of looking around; oh and he's also mad because I have him strapped in so he can't make a jump for it.  Anyway he's getting mad and can't unbuckle himself and what does he do--he starts screaming "help me, help me!  Mama, help me!"  Ummm can we say embarrassing, and if you're wondering why here it goes.  First off my son is white w/blondish-brown hair and I'm Hispanic so I have a nice dark tan like all year w/black hair and brown eyes.  So I'm thinking great people are going to think I took this kid even though when look at his face and mine we look the same, and luckily I had pictures in my purse to prove that he really is mine.  Eventually he stopped but not before a couple people laughed while others kind of looked at us like what a little brat.  Either way I can totally laugh about now and I did then when we left just at the time it was a bit annoying.  All I know is that he says "help me" all the time and he uses it right but that doesn't mean I want him constantly screaming it.  Oh well I guess I'll just have to teach him something else to say like "I want out!"


MGM said...

At least he uses words! And proper phrases! When my son, whom I believe is close to your son's age, gets mad, he screams "Doggone it! Stupid thing!" inbetween other random yelling and fussing screaming syllables that don't even count as words.

My son looks nothing like me either. Tow head with blue eyes. Me...dark hair and dark eyes. It never occurred to me that anyone would think I stole him, that was kinda funny. Heck, when he's screaming "Doggone it!" and "Stupid thing!" I'd like to hand him to someone in the store and pretend I have no idea whose kid he is. It would probably even be convincing, given the lack of resemblance.

The feeling is fleeting, of course, so no one need flame me.

Tracy said...

I hate shopping with children. Mine will be good as long as we're shopping for something for them. Then when we've found it, all hell breaks lose and I leave the store frazzled, hair standing straight up, with crazy eyes.
I used to love shopping. Now I think it's painful.
Oh, and I hate it when people look at you like that. Every child does it.