Monday, April 21, 2008

A Thousand Apologies

I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged or visited anyone in forever.  I'm at the end of my school semester and I'm making sure that I end everything well.  I've registered for a summer school class so I don't have to take 15hrs only 12 in the fall.  As for all of us we're doing well--Sweet Pea's birthday is this Thurs. and her party on Sun.  Then in a couple of weeks is her dance recital, oh and soccer has started up so we've been doing that too.  Anyway I'm back with a couple of funny/gross stories to share so keep looking back. 

As for today I registered Sweet Pea for Kindergarten--seriously where has the time gone.  I can't believe in August she'll be starting school and I'll just have one at home with me.  She came with me even though she didn't get to look around but she liked what she saw especially the playground.  They told me before school starts her teacher will have a meet and greet thing and she'll get to meet the other kids in her class, see her classroom, and look around the school.  That should be exciting for the two of us.  Ok well off to run some errands and sorry I haven't been around.  I look forward to catching up with everyone!


Tracy said...

I remember doing that with Caroline. It was so new to both of us. Just know that it will turn out great. For both of you!
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Can't wait to hear your funny stories!

Chris said...


How exciting for you both :-) It's always a bit bittersweet doing that kindergarten tour. I always end up tearing up and trying not to cry. *sigh*

Hope you have a great summer semester!