Friday, April 25, 2008

Mama Ewww!

I know I've mentioned before that Monkey likes to stick his hand down his diaper; I guess he has an itch or like most men just likes to do it.  Anyway we've been trying to break him of it but now I'm more than determined.  A couple of weeks ago he hurt his hand somehow and came up to me so I could kiss it--well luckily before I did I noticed a faint smell.  I looked at his hands and at first I thought he had dirt under his fingernails; well it wasn't it turned out it was poop.  Now as gross as that was it's not as bad as my next story.

Ok so last week I'm sitting in the kitchen watching t.v. when Monkey comes up to me and he says "Mama ewww!"  I look down and he has poop all over his hands and not the dry stuff either.  Oh man I wanted to puke but I picked him up and rushed him to the bathroom to rinse of his hands and then I changed him and gave him a bath.  Now I have told everyone (family and nursery workers) that if they see him sticking his hands down his pants to tell him NO!  Because let's be real that is just disgusting and gross and I'm tired of finding surprises in his fingernails or all over his hands.


Julie said...

Oh gross. I'm so glad my girls haven't exhibited that! : )

MGM said...

Okay, that's the mother of all grossness! We've been working toward potty training with our 28 month old son. Our daughter was potty trained at 22 months, so that makes it seem like our son is way late. And yet it looks like he's not going to catch on for awhile still. We're to the stage where he'll sit on his potty with his pants down finally (he was only sitting on it with his pants up before). So far no victories over him actually putting anything in the potty. But at least he doesn't go "fishing" in his diaper. LOL! Bleh!

Tracy said...

Oh man. I feel for you! I'm a bit of a germaphone so if that happened to me I would have to wipe him from head to toe in those clorox wipes! lol
I hope you break this habit soon and still have some of your sanity left at the end!