Monday, March 10, 2008

What to get.

In little over a month Sweet Pea is turning 5 and I still can't believe it.  She has alredy decided on her birthday theme and for sure this year we are doing The Backyardigans.  Because wouldn't you know that's what she wanted to do last year and I couldn't find anything but right after her birthday that stuff was popping out everywhere.  So we have that covered now it's just telling everyone what to get her.  Sure there are clothes but every kids needs toys.  So here is the list she gave me but of course I had to give her a list of things because she couldn't really tell me what she wanted.

The Littlest Pet Shop: This is one that she asked for.  So I'm wondering for those of you who have little girls do they really like this toy and is it worth buying.  I don't really like the idea of a bunch of little things everywhere but if she really wants and she'll like it then I can get over it.

Item 2 that I think she will like but she's kind of so-so about it.  I really think she'll like it once she gets it because it has princesses all over it and it's purple. 

If this helps she doesn't watch Hannah Montana, so that knocks that out.  So please if you have any suggestions on what to get her I'm all ears.  Thanks for all your help. 


Burg said...

My oldest begged for years for the Littlest Pet Shop. I picked it up on black Friday for half price although I've always thought of them as glorified Happy Meal toys. I have to admit that it is neat. The one she got was probably one of the only things that didn't require batteries, running instead on a series of magnets. Since then she has played with it more than I thought she would.. They make nice pets for Barbies.. :) I bought her a small sterlite box to keep all the small bits in which she is really good at keeping up with...

We bought her a bike on her fifth birthday.. She hasn't gotten to ride it very much at all.. I feel bad for it, but I also can't just turn her loose in the neighborhood like the family up the street from us.. I'm sure you know the type.. It's just after dark and they're out walking the streets yelling because they have no idea where their kids are and you just sit back and hope that those same kids never even notice you have one so they won't want to come over and play.. Geez.. I can't wait to move!

Good luck!

Tracy said...

My problem with the littlest petshop is that it comes with the littlest parts ever! And you and I both have a smaller one at home too and Peter was always trying to pop them in his mouth so I had to put them away.
That bike is the same one we got Caroline a few years ago and she absolutely loves it! I think a bike is always a great gift.

Jessica said...

NO to the littlest pet shop! They are messy and find thier way all over your house! I vote for the bike or a Bitty Baby from American Girl

lucey said...

definetly the littlest petshop my little girl is in LOVE with the stoys and the parts arent really that small