Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What do y'all think of this

**I know many of you had said that you can't see the picture-sorry.  See if you can click on it and maybe it will take you to the website.  http://www.camillesboutiqueshop.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=63

 Plush roller w/catI don't remember when I first saw this but I think it's really cool.  To look at more of these just google kreative kids plush backpacks and a whole variety will pop up.  Anyway it's a plush rolling backpack w/a detachable cat and on the back of the cat is a zipper for the kids to store stuff in.  This also comes in as a regular backpack.  So my question is do you think she would like this and would it be useful (either in a backpack or a rolling backpack).  When I showed Sweet Pea she said she wanted to use it for school but I'm not sure.  Again I would appreciate some input--and thanks Burg for your comment.

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Tracy said...

Your picture isn't coming up for me but I googled it and it's very cute. The only thing, you might want to check with the schools because around here they aren't letting the little kids use the roller backpacks. I guess some of the kids were having trouble controlling them.
But it would be great for when she goes on sleepovers and stuff. I say go for it!