Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Snow

Yesterday was such a busy day for me and I wanted to make sure I posted my party post that I forgot to tell y'all what happened.  The kids and I wake up around 7 and to my wonderful surprise there were snow flurries coming down!  Now I know for those of you who live up north that's a not a big deal but I on the other hand live in Texas (not far from Houston).  So you know that stuff like that doesn't happen very often.  Anyway the kids and I ran downstairs to look out our windows in the veranda and it was absolutely beautiful (even if very little stuck to the ground).  I ran out and took a couple of pictures because well this should be documented.  I would post a pic but honestly I just don't feel like this morning.  Anyway there was enough snow packed on our windshield that you could actually make a few snowballs.  I'm sure some of you northerners are laughing at me and that's cool because I'm laughing at myself.  Oh and for the record I have seen real snow and I have played and shoveled it--which is no fun task.  Alright well I'm off to go read some new blogs--have a great weekend!


Melissa Garrett said...

I would love to be able to get so excited about snow. Seeing as how I live in Central New York, and we've seen nothing but the white stuff since November, well . . . I'm sick of it. I'm ready for blue sky and warm weather!

morgansvoice said...

Awesome! Snow! :) I'm here for the party. I read the party post and you have adorable kiddos! :)

Tracy said...

You know, I've lived in W.Va. all of my life and I still love to sit by the window and watch the snow come down. It really is beautiful. It's the dealing with it after it stops being beautiful that gets to me.
Enjoy your snow!