Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thanks for the advice

I want to thank everyone who gave me their opinion on the things I listed to get Sweet Pea.  As cute as the Littlest Pet Shop is I did worry about all the small stuff since Monkey still puts things in his mouth like his nightlight.  He unplugs it and then has figured out how to unscrew the light bulb and then puts one or the other in his mouth--what am I going to do with him!  So now I have to wait until he's asleep before I can plug his nightlight in; seriously Sweet Pea was never like that. 

Ok back to the toys issue.  The one thing I never thought of was American Girl dolls, I've heard of them but never thought to get her one so thanks Jess.  Also I was thinking of getting her a couple of Barbie dolls.  Alright last question--am I making this harder than what it should be?


Burg said...

Good grief no! I have just as much if not more trouble picking gifts for my kids! BTW, I still can't see the picture on the last post.. :(

I heard some really crappy stuff about the American Girl dolls.. Read this before you decide to buy one..

MGM said...

I've missed your last three posts and just browsed them quickly, but didn't catch all the comments. Here's my response....

My daughter LOVES the Littlest Pet Shop stuff. She started getting it at last Christmas (at the age of 4 1/2). My son had just barely turned two, but he had stopped putting stuff in his mouth by 18 months. He loved the Pet Shop stuff as much as his big sister. He loves to play "Bobbleheads" with her. It's so fun to watch. We haven't had any trouble with all the little pieces. My daughter knows she has to pick it up each time she is done. The only problem is my son's fascination with his pockets. He loves to get his hands on all those little pieces and shove them into his pockets. I have to check all his pockets for "treasures" before they go into the wash.

If your youngest likes to put stuff in his mouth, no matter how neat this stuff is, it probably isn't a great idea. Same with Polly Pockets. Ha!

My daughter is also totally in the My Little Pony stuff and likes the ones with the changeable clothing outfits.

She got a two wheel bike with training wheels for her 4th b-day and loves it. She rides it whenever we go for a walk and up and down our quarter mile driveway. This would probably be a great gift for her if you have the sort of place where she can ride or you can take her to the park with it.

Good luck!

I don't know anything about American Girl.

Tracy said...

I don't think you're making too big a deal of it. We have to put a lot of thought into this stuff will smaller ones in the house. We have two American Girl dolls and they come with a lot of really neat stuff. The girls really like them.