Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I See You

I received some interesting mail today.  I don't know about where you live but a few months ago at major intersections they installed cameras to enforce red light safety.  And can you guess who violated this safety rule--yes that's right me.  It seems that last Tuesday I was caught on camera going through a red light.  Now please before any of you out there jump down my throat this is not a normal thing I do and to be honest I don't recall doing that.  What I do recall is trying to shop for Easter outfits and Monkey not being very cooperative; I know that no excuse.  Just to make sure that it was me I had to go back to the calendar and sure enough I was the one who had the car that day, crap now I have to tell David.  Well surprisingly enough he wasn't mad but did tell me to be more careful.  Oh and to make it worse you can go on the website and watch the video and you know what I never slowed down!  I still can't believe it and yes I'm mad at myself.  I know what was going thru my mind "must hurry home before I lose my mind" because from what I do remember is Monkey throwing a fit and Sweet Pea yelling at him to be quiet.  Oh and the price of this ticket is $75. 

Before I go for any of you that are reading this and plan on leaving me some type of rude comment-don't.  I'm not a reckless person nor am I perfect and it just so happens that I made a mistake.   Anyway hopefully everyone is having a good week.


jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I love the look of your blog. I came by via the blog party. Thanks for stopping by Talking Hairdryer. If you get a chance, stop back by and see how the office makeover is going. It should be done soon!

Don't feel bad about the ticket. We just got those cameras in our town, but they put them in the weirdest locations just to try them out and then advertised where they were. Luckily, none of them were at intersections that I frequent. I've always wondered what constitutes running a red light? When exactly does it go from going through the light when it's yellow and running a red light?

Have a great week blog hopping?

Burg said...

Whoa! They really do that?? I thought that was only on TV! That sucks!

Of course, it is all your fault speed demon! :P (kidding)

Tracy said...

Have you gotten rude comments? Want me to beat them up? I will!

Jesse-let me tell you, you don't have to feel bad about this. We all make mistakes. I'm going to tell you this story to make you feel better. I blame this on pregnancy brain:

When I was eight months preggers with Peter, I had a cop pull me over. I wasn't speeding, I was in my own lane, I couldn't figure out why I was being pulled over.
It turns out that my inspection sticker had been dead for a year and three months. Ugh. He gave me a ticket since it was so overdo and I had three days to get an inspection and bring proof the the cop. To make it worse, when I went to pay the ticket, it was $150!!!! A sticker is only 15 bucks!
The worst thing is, the sticker is on the windshield right in front of me. How did I miss that?

Long story short, don't feel bad. Even super moms make mistakes!

Krista said...

Hey girlie. I have not been blogging but I have missed reading your stories. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi!

MGM said...

Ah heck, it could be MUCH worse. At least you weren't drunk (you weren't, were you?--just kidding) and at least you didn't hit a child or a little old lady in a crosswalk. Just be thankful no one was hurt. I'm actually impressed that the fine for running a red is so small!
I rear-ended someone at a stoplight when I was eight months pregnant and reaching behind me to Daughter to hand her something so she would stop screaming. We never did fix our bumper because the estimate was $750.00. I think I would have preferred a ticket!
Everyone does an oops now and then.

Catwoman said...

OK, if someone leaves you a nasty comment for making a mistake, then they must be Elliot Spitzer, and you should ignore them. Because it happens to the best of us. It just sucks for you that it happened to be at an intersection with one of those cameras!

I can't even imagine what you thought when you saw the video though! :)

Julie said...

I've been busted 2x myself on those damn cameras. When it's on tape not much you can do but pay the fine : (