Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hello is anyone out there?

I know I don't post everyday and there have been a few times when I've gone almost a whole week but where are you guys.  I guess I'm feeling left out because Burg was the only nice one to comment on here in the past couple of days.  Anyway I'm sure y'all are busy doing grown-up stuff.

As for me I've been doing grown-up stuff as well; you know take care of the kids and the never ending mounds of school work I can't seem to dwindle down.  Oh and I hit up Target today for some Easter outfits for the kids.  Did y'all realize that Easter will be here in a little less then 2 weeks!?!  Surprisingly enough I was able to find an outfit for each my kiddos and let me tell you the selection for Monkey was slim pickings but I like what I bought him (he has a blazer and a clip-on tie).  Which started me thinking that I don't know how to tie a tie so I guess it will be left up to David to help him out.

Oh and did you know that today 101 Dalmations came out along w/Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium?  Sweet Pea has already said that 101 Dalmations is the first thing she wants to watch tomorrow.  As for other I haven't seen it but I can't wait to sit down and watch it with her.  I don't think Monkey will be that interested but who knows he could surprise me.  Alright well I hope y'all are doing well.


Burg said...

Most of the time I lurk instead of comment.. Maybe everyone is going through a lurkey phase.. Mine have been down too.. Bunch of lurkin' turkeys!

Julie said...

I am so behind on Easter - haven't done a darn thing about it. I think b/c it's so early though I'm not buying easter dresses. The girls will just freeze since they are all "spring" styles and it could be in the 40s here!

And sorry, I'm lame on the commenting recently.

MGM said...

I do well usually to post once per week. Usually I make the rounds to my regular blog reads once every one or two weeks.
Lately I've been consumed with Daughter's oral surgery followed by her UTI followed by Son's Pink Eye, followed by Daughter's Pink Eye and a simultaneous virus that made her have snot come out of every orifice along with 102.5 temps AND a simultaneous bladder infection since the UTI apparently didn't clear up properly, followed by arguments between the family doc and the urgent care doc about whether Daughter has a UTI or bladder infection or some other unexplained problem leading to blood, pus, and bacteria in her urine, followed by Son getting the mysterious monkey virus that Daughter had --leading Son to have snot coming out of every orifice and running the 102.5 temps, and then followed by Daughter developing hives in response to the medication she was on. It's been fun around here the past few weeks.
So now you know what I've been up to instead of writing or reading blogs.
I'm still here, though. Kind of.

Jesse said...

Thanks for the love everyone! MGM-I remember you posting about your kiddos being sick, are they doing better? I really hope they are because it sounds like you and the kiddos could use it.

Valerie said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Thanks for sharing.