Saturday, February 23, 2008

My New Tatt!

Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to post the pictures of my tattoo but I've been trying to catch up on some school work since I didn't do any while at my sister's.  Here is the picture of mine, and yes those are stretch marks or what I like to call my "scars of glory".

  I used to have a butterfly tattoo which I got when I was 18.  Anyway it was faded and I decided instead of retouching it I would cover it up.  As for why I chose a 4-leaf clover I don't really know other than I always wanted one (and hey I could always use a little extra luck).  The guy did a really good job because you can't even tell what used to be there.  After awhile it did hurt because he kept having to go over it so you couldn't see the old tatt.  And my sister and I thought of getting the same one and she liked the picture of the clover I had and said lets do that so we went together and here is a picture of hers.

  And incase you're wondering she said it hurt really bad.  I didn't think she would actually go through with it but she did; no tears but man did she want to.  As for ever doing another one on her foot probably not but she has the one.  I'm so glad we did this together, we have always had a bond but doing this has seemed to strengthen the bond of sisterhood between us.


Jessica said...

SO awesome! I have one that I need fixed... Perhaps you have inspired me? Who knows! Hey, I left ya something on my blog.... Happy weekend!

curvaliscious said...

nice tat! I have one also but i havent shown it off to anyone so maybe I will post a picture of it on my blog :)

Julie said...

you are brave!

Tracy said...

Both awesome. I've always wanted one on my foot but have never decided what I wanted there yet. I'm due to get another one though, it's been two years since my last one.
The clovers are really cute.