Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Hello Everybody!  Even though I had a great time with my sister I'm glad to be home.  In case you're wondering I did leave the Monkey home and David said for the most part everything went well.  Ok well there was one mishap: Monkey like most men likes to scratch his butt.  Anyway David caught him doing that and for some reason actually told him to stop; well he looks back again and sees poop on his face and his fingers in his mouth.  Now he's not sure if he actually put any poop in his mouth but he made sure to wash his hands, face, and brush his teeth.  Of course something like this would happen to David because well that's just his luck.  Other than that and maybe one meltdown per kid everything went alright for him; and yes he was very, very happy that I came home a day early.

As for my trip is was awesome.  We took my car to the shop for a tune-up because this guy is actually a good and honest mechanic.  And then of course we hit the mall and some other stores.  If you can believe it out of all the places we went to Marshall's was the only one that I found stuff that was really overpriced.  Anyway I bought 3 dresses, 1 pair of khaki dress pants, and 1 plaid skirt for $5, oh and a cute pair of brown heels (to match 2 of the dresses).  We also went out to eat, and just hung out having fun.  Oh and did I mention that my sister and I got matching tattoos?  Well we did; they're 4-leaf clovers but hers looks a little different because I put mine over the butterfly I got when I was 18.  I'll post the pics of mine and my sisters tomorrow and let y'all know how it went.  Until then have a great day.


Burg said...

Oh my.. Butt scratching at it's worst.. Ewwww!

New blog is done:

Tracy said...

I bet that when David told you the Monkey story you were thanking the heavens that you weren't home right? I would have been!
I'm glad to hear that you had a great trip! And I super glad to hear that you're back now!

Jessica said...

ooooohhh... Tatoos!? I can't wait to see them!