Thursday, February 28, 2008


Alright so last night David and I finally watched Beowulf, and it wasn't at all what I had expected.  I did know that it would be all done in CGI and I thought that it looked pretty cool, however, I didn't know that it wouldn't follow the poem.  I remember reading this poem a long time ago and it was never one of my favorites-I thought it was a little boring.  Anyway while watching the movie I started thinking this is not how I remember the poem being, so of course after the movie I went and googled Beowulf and sure enough I was right.  The movie wasn't really like the poem at all, I mean sure they had followed some of the stuff but overall they changed quite a bit.  Well David liked it but couldn't see why I bothered me so much since I didn't really like the poem all that much.  All I can say is that I'm one of those people that when you read something and they then make a movie it should pretty much follow the storyline.  I mean what would you think if you were watching Romeo and Juliet and in the end they are both alive and live happily ever after--sure it would be nice but that's not how the story goes and I would hate it.  Oh and speaking of Romeo and Juliet I didn't like the remake of it with Claire Danes and Leo DiCaprio.


Burg said...

I was wondering about Beowulf. I was bored stiff by the poem too but was still a little interested in the movie. I probably won't see it anyway just for the simple fact that my children have revoked my movie watching privelages for the next seventeen years.

I didn't like the R&J with those two either. Pleh!

Tracy said...

I was thinking of watching it since I love Angelina. But even though it didn't follow the poem, did you like it? Is it worth watching?
Oh and I tagged you...come over and check it out.