Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Someone messed up a good thing-updated

So my sister called from work last night to tell me an awesome story.  A 16 yr. old guy came in to McDonalds and purchased a 50 piece nugget meal with extra fries-well the girl at the counter got curious and asked if all this was for him.  He said no that he was taking it to some homeless people.  The girl and my sister commented on how it's to bad the usual homeless guy who comes in everyday wasn't there so he could eat.  So what does this guy do-he gives my sister $50 and says "the next time you see him will you please give it to him so he can eat."  OMG can you believe that what an amazing kid.  So my sister asked him if it would be ok if she put it on a gift card and that she would leave it in the safe so when they saw him they would give it to him-the guy said no problem.  Anyway my sister goes in to work a little early and sees the homeless guy so she asks one of the managers if they could give her the gift card because she put her name on it so it wouldn't get lost.  Well some freaking loser stole the gift card out of the safe!!  Can you believe that crap, here is a guy who's doing a nice thing for someone else and some jerk goes and steals it!  Stuff like that really ticks me off and makes wonder about the people around us.  So Ashly (sister) called the owner and told her what happened and she's going to look over the tapes to see who stole it and I'm pretty sure she's going to give Ashly another gift card to give the man.  Sorry the story has a bad ending but it just really irked me and I had to let it out.  It would have been a great story but no, oh well talk to y'all tomorrow.

**UPDATE**Ok so I talked to Ashly this afternoon and it turns out that the night manager hid it in the safe so no one would steal it-thank goodness.  So it turns out that this story now has a happy ending-YEAH!


Krista said...

That is so typical with people these days! I would leave a big fat note on that safe to place a guilt trip on them for stealing it and I bet it shows back up!

Tracy said...

I was soooo glad to read the update! I was getting so outraged!
But sadly, there are people out there who do that crap. Did you hear about the guy who had stolen the Salvation Army donation bucket and went across town to use it for himself. People can be so crappy.
I wish there were more people out there like the guy who gave the money for the giftcard. It's nice to know that they still exist!

Krista said...

So glad to hear the happy ending!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

'Tis the season for this sort of story!