Monday, December 17, 2007

O Christmas Tree...Your Leaves Are So Enchanting

7 Days Until Christmas! 

Sorry I've been gone a couple of days but I'm back and with some pictures (can you guess) of my tree.  Now in the Christmas meme I did it asked what kind of tree do I do and mine is what some would call the kiddy tree.  On my tree I have ornaments that my mom gave me that were mine growing up and of course every year I buy a new ornament or two for the kids.

  s5030570.jpgAnd here is our Christmas tree, now I know it's not loaded down with tons of ornaments and there are two reasons... 1. I just knew my Monkey would get into every single one and he has, 2. I got tired of dragging out all the ornaments.  But hey it's up and I love looking at it and so do the kids.

Now here is my mil's tree, it's themed and it's very beautiful; see     s5030572.jpg

Her colors are ivory and gold, but she's thinking of changing it for next year, or maybe adding burgundy to add a little more color.  But in case you're wondering when the kids were growing up she had a kid tree but when as they got older she started collecting new ornaments to have a themed tree.

Ok so here's my question do you think it's more personal to have the "kid" tree or themed tree and which do you prefer.  Also when your kids become older do you think you will keep your kid tree or do something totally different.

Here is my answer-I love both kind of trees but I love the kid tree because for me I have ornaments from when I was growing up and all the memories come flooding back to me.  Also now that I have kids of my own every year I get ornaments that mean something to them.  Like one year it was care bears and another it was spongebob; but what I really can't wait for are when they make ornaments and gifts at school like I did.  So I guess when they are grown I will still have the kiddy tree filled with multi-color lights and packages wrapped in any kind of paper of my choosing.  But with that being said I may buy a 4 ft. tree and have it themed but who knows.  Or I could do what my mil does-she had a kid tree in the veranda and then her main themed tree in the living room-but man that's a lot of work.  Anyway let me know what you think and if you still have some shopping to do because there is only 7 days until Christmas.


Chris said...

Well, My mom has 9 trees in her house. And NO, I'm not joking. At least it was 9...I know they got a few new trees this year. Only 4 of them (that I can think of) are small trees.

It's crazy but her house is amazing!

I, personally, prefer a 'kids' type tree. I love their ornaments and craft projects. Plus I have many ornaments from when I was a child. Most likely I will always have a tree that is more wild and mismatched. That seams more 'real' to me.

Tracy said...

For me it is and has always been the kid tree. My mom kept every ornament I had ever made her, including the one from kindergarten where I wrapped aluminum foil all over a styrofoam cup and put a red string to hang it and some fake holly leaves for decor. I was always so embarrassed when she would break out my arty ornaments but now that I have kids, I get it.
She still puts all of those ornaments on her tree and I'm 29 years old! She says that she loves them because I made them and she can look at her tree and remember. I want to be able to do that when my kids are 29 too.
Mom did give me all the ornaments that she gave me each year. Most of them have my name engraved on them. Some are even from her ceramics day where she painted them for me and they weigh like 20 pounds!
I love you tree!