Friday, November 30, 2007

The Boots

 Sorry it's taken me a couple of days but you will be happy to know I have posted a picture of the boots I asked for Christmas.  I wanted boots that didn't scream cowgirl, no offense but it's not my style.  Anyway during my search for boots I came across these-Palladium Hasselt.  Have any of you ever heard of this brand? 

So what do y'all think-and if it's not your style my feelings won't be hurt-I promise.  Ok so I saw these and it totally brought me back to my days in high school when I wore Dr. Martens, now I know I couldn't have been the only one who wore those.  Anyway I loved them and I think that's what pushed me to buy these.  Now on to the details; the leather is super soft and nice shade of dark brown which will go with just about anything.  As for the fit well in order to get the full effect I had to try them one with an outfit to get the full effect, and they fit comfortably.  The sole has some rubber grips which for me is great because I'm not always very graceful; anyway it feels a little weird but after one day of wearing them it won't bother me anymore.  So once I had my whole outfit on I modeled for David and asked him if he really liked them and he did and then bursted my bubble by telling me I had to them back in the box but since it is my Christmas present.

*Here is my comment about the whole UPS situation.  As much as I wanted to really give them a piece of my mind I chose not to because when they called me back it was our local UPS.  So here's my thinking if I act like a total bitch the rest of the things I've ordered will some mysteriously get lost and that's something I didn't want to happen since I know David ordered some clothes for me.  But believe me I wanted to say what kind of freaking idiot leaves someone stuff sitting on the side of the road.  However I found some restrain-go figure.*

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Tracy said...

Did you atleast tell UPS about it I hope? They need to be aware that he's leaving his packages like that.
The boots are awesome! How high up on your leg do they go? I'm dying for a pair of boots but I haven't found any yet that don't have six inch heels on them. But i love yours. I might have to check them out.