Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What was he thinking?

I know that I've told y'all that I want boots for Christmas, now what I didn't say is that I'm the one who ordered them from  I thought since I haven't worn boots I should go ahead and order them, try them one and then see if they fit right so I can return them before Christmas.  Now this is the first time I've known what I'm getting without snooping-yes it kind of stinks but it would stink more if I got them and couldn't wear them right then.  Alright so for the past few days I've been checking the status on my package and I was excited to see that it was out for delivery yesterday morning.  Ok so all day goes by and still no package.  I go and pick up David and we decide to go check next door to see if they left it there because a few weeks ago they delivered my fil medicine there.  Well no luck it wasn't there.  However, this morning my mil tells me that I have a package sitting on the table for me-yesss I'm excited.  But my happiness was soon gone when they told me they were checking the mail last night and there was my box sitting on the side of the road next to the mailboxes.  Now just to clarify we live in the country so it's not like the mailbox is in front of our house.  Anyway the freaking UPS guy decided he was just to tired or lazy to drive a few more feet and leave the box on our porch.  I mean can you believe he just left it there on the side of the road!  And in case you're wondering it wasn't a little box it was pretty big.  I mean anyone could have driven buy and thought hmmm I think I'll just pick that up and there went my boots.  Well I called UPS  and told them what happened and I was really nice about it and sometime today someone else from customer service will call me today.  I know these people are busy and some have to work really late but lets use some common sense and not leave things on the side of the road.


Chris said...

OMG! I wouldn't' have been nice. LOL. I take shoes very seriously :-D

That really is ridiculous. So....were the boots okay? Did they fit?? Details!

Catwoman said...

Yeah, that's just stupidity right there! I mean, obviously people in the country tend to be more honest than in the city, but STILL, around Christmas, people seem more desparate and more willing to steal... I'm glad you called and said something.

Now come on, give us a picture of the boots!!!! :) And all the dirt on how they fit, how they make you feel when you wear them, etc!

Tracy said...

I commend you for being so nice. I would have thrown a few F-bombs and what not.
I remember one time watching out the window as our mailcarrier threw..that's right he launched it...a package at our front porch instead of getting out of his car and putting it nicely on the porch.
I think I threw a few F-bombs that