Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I have eaten so much the past 2 days that I swear I've gained 50 lbs-ok maybe not but it sure feels like it.  Oh on a high note as of Wed. night I am officially done with school this semester-thank goodness.  Taking 15 hrs. was really hard for me this semester and I'm sure I got at least 1 "C" but that's better than failing any of my classes.  I really busted my butt these last couple of weeks to get done before Thanksgiving and now that I am I feel that I can totally and completely enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Now on to some craziness, as I'm sure many of you know today is BLACK FRIDAY but I really think it should be called crazy, don't have any manners because I want to save a few buck Friday.  Anyway David and I decided to go to Target because they were having a really good sale on DVD's and on the PSP (5 free movies w/purchase).  Well we get up at 5 a.m. because they open at 6 a.m., and people when I got there at 5:30 there was a line pretty darn close the back, I repeat back of the freakin store.  David and I stood there for a few minutes and he said this isn't worth it and believe me it wasn't.  So instead we went to IHOP and then I headed to Walmart to get just a few things; and of course I there was one Chicken Dance Elmo for $10 and I got it.  Now does my Monkey need this-no-will I be returning this item-probably.  I tend to have a problem w/impulse buying.  Alright well I'm off to catch up on some blogs.


Tracy said...

I am an impulse buyer too. If it makes you feel better, nobody really needs an Elmo toy but the smiles that will come from him will be totally worth it!
Congrats on being done with the semester! I'm glad to have you back in Blogland!

Julie said...

You were brave to fight the crowds!