Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is The Semester Over Yet?

All I have to say is that it's been mad crazy over here, and it's just now kind of getting back to normal.  Halloween was great the kids had so much fun trick-0r-treating, and they all looked so cute.  But since then I've been busy trying to finish all of my school work before Thanksgiving; I have until the Nov. 28 but really why wait until then.  I'm pretty close to being done, as of today I finished my research paper and now I only have one more paper and 2 quizzes, and 3 tests left.  It sounds like a lot but really I should be ok.  As for the home front well I can write my name on just about every piece of furniture and until today the laundry was trying to attack me (still have a lot left but it's better).  Oh and I haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks-I know bad but at least I haven't gained anything, right? 

Ooo but here's something new this week I had to do my field observation which is where I sit in a classroom and watch what the teacher does.  So the first day I sat in a Kindergarten class and it was interesting.  If you're wondering why I picked that it's because Sweet Pea will start Kindergarten and I was curious about what they did.  The teacher had a lot of patience and there were some kids who acted just like Sweet Pea and some that were a little worse, not terrible just a little more hyper.  Anyway surprisingly I enjoyed it a lot and the kids were really sweet.  Then all day Wed I did grades 5-8 and that was kind of what I expected.  At times I couldn't help but laugh because I was sitting there thinking omg I used to act just like that-crazy.  And of course you have the little know-it-all kids who can get on your nerves but overall a really good experience. 

Ok I won't make any promises but I'm really going to try and be on here more and catching up with all of you.  I really need some motivation to hurry up and get done with this semester because I need a break.


Tracy said...

I'm glad to hear that you're not procrastinating on your school work. You're like me. I like to get it finished instead of freaking out at the deadline. My husband, on the other hand, is one who starts two days after it was supposed to be handed in. It drives me crazy!
I can't wait to get to the point of going into classes for observation. Of course, I'm only just starting out so it is probably an eternity away!
Anyways, keep on going and get your work done so that you can come visit and pay attention to me!

Julie said...

The one day I helped in my daughter's kindergarten room I couldn't believe how much patience those teachers had. It was like herding cats in there - I don't know how they do it!

chris said...

YEY!! Almost done!!!

I hope you are so very proud of yourself for making it through this semester! You sooo should be!

Catwoman said...

You're so close to done, you can taste it now!!!! Whoo-hoo! Keep your head down, you can do it! We can wait for you! :)