Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Morning

Today is Monday and I can't complain, the temp. is 34 and I'm loving this kind of weather.  Last night I wrapped presents, and I have been going through pictures writing dates so I can finally put them in a photo album.  Let me tell you finally being done with school this semester is such an awesome feeling because now I can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about due dates.

On to a little randomness-have any of you ever watched Dexter on Showtime?  David and I rented season 1 and just finished it last night and we love it.  It's a little weird but interesting and sometimes funny.  Between Dexter and Brotherhood it makes me wish we did have Showtime but you know how those channels can be; they'll show the same movie like 50 times.

Anyways have any of you come up with your Christmas list?  As for me I finally finished it and I'm pretty happy with it: Brown Boots, Clothes, and a PSP.  I can't believe I want a PSP but sometimes I need down time and with being in school and having to read I don't enjoy reading books as much-does that make sense.  Plus sometimes I enjoy playing games.  Oh and I also asked for a gift card to Michael's (craft store) because they have a huge selection of Vanna White yarn that I love.  Which speaking of yarn I just finished a really pretty lap blanket-I'll have to post a picture soon.  Well I love to crochet and currently I'm working on another lap blanket for my Grandmother for Christmas. 

Ok well that's enough of me rambling about anything that pops in my head but I would love to hear what y'all want for Christmas or just about anything.  Oh and plan on seeing more often because now I have the time to blog and comment on others-have a great day.


Julie said...

Congrats on being done with the semester! I just wrote up my xmas list too. I decided to go practical this year - perfume, hair products and books. I'm currently semi-obsessed with Philippa Gregory (author) books and found a few more on Amazon I haven't read yet.

Tracy said...

I haven't even started shopping yet and you're already wrapping them? yeesh..
My Christmas list is kind of small. I want a new cellphone, perfume (Clinique Happy), and a mother's ring. Since I think we're done having babies (which makes me so terribly sad) I would like to have a ring with everyone's birthstones in them.
It's so nice to have you back!