Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lack of Luck With Cars

This month we will have our car paid off and I'm so happy since it'll be right before the holidays.  However, I feel like we have this dark cloud over us when it comes to this car.  It seems when we get one flat within a couple of months we'll have another, oh and last income tax we has to spend a nice amount for the transmission.  Anyway in Sept. we got a new tire and then last week when David was sick we got a nail stuck in it and had to take it to get it patched.  Then a few days ago our car's temp was running hot and after water it would help for a little bit.  Come to find out we had a leak in the heater pipe (that's what his dad called it).  So you can imagine our frustration because yet again another problem.  Luckily for us David and his dad happened to be off on the same day and his dad was able to take out the pipe and go to a radiator shop to have it sauter.  And guess what that's all it needed and it's now running fine again-as for the cost $10.00 and about a couple of hours to get the part out take it to a shop and put it back in the car.  Thank god his dad knows stuff about cars and man am I glad it didn't cost us a lot.


Tracy said...

I'm glad to hear that it didn't break the bank to get it fixed. I joked to Chris when we paid our van off that we should leave like a dollar left to pay so that it's not paid off and it won't fall apart. Good luck!

Catwoman said...

Yeah, I still have $800 of car repair that needs to get done to my car... Gah!

I know what you mean!!!!