Friday, October 19, 2007

Loving This Weather

I can't believe it's 52 degrees outside and down here in the South that's a big thing.  I'm so loving it but I just wish that it would stay like this all day-it'll get up to the 80's.  Anyway I woke up this morning stepped outside and just enjoyed the wonderful cool weather.  As you can see I like fall but I really love winter.  I'm all into wearing cute sweaters, pants, jackets-I don't know I guess I'm weird.  But maybe what I love most about these two seasons are the holidays.  I mean Halloween is right around the corner and I loved dressing up as a kid and I have a lot of fun seeing my little ones dressed up.  And then there's Thanksgiving and all of that delicious food.  Oooo and then my most fav-CHRISTMAS.  What is there to not like about Christmas, and btw have any of started shopping because it'll be here before you know it.  Alright I'm out but for those of you who live up north with this awesome weather all day-I'm jealous.


Tracy said...

Hey I just left a comment, did it not take? If not I'll leave it again. I'll check back!

Tracy said...

Fall is my most favorite season too! I'm a sweater and comfy jeans girl. The only thing is, winter here completely sucks! It's snowy and freezing and you have to bundle everyone up just to get in the car in the driveway. Yuck.
And I cannot believe that Christmas will be here so soon! I'm not ready!
What are your kids going to be for Halloween?

Tracy said...

It didn't I hate that! I said, First of all what are your kids going to be for Halloween?
I also said that Fall is my most favorite season. I'm a sweater and comfy jeans girl all the way. I just hate the winters here because you have to bundle everyone up just to get to the car in the driveway. Yuck!

Catwoman said...

About the Christmas shopping thing? Yeah, I kind of started... cough, cough... On January 22nd.

But I'm not completely done yet.

Please don't throw stuff at me...

Queen of the Mayhem said...

It is supposed to cool down here this weekend and I can not WAIT!

I LOVE Christmas and am well into my shopping....I have too many people to buy for not to start early!