Monday, October 15, 2007

Hit the gym

This morning I met with Megan and man did she kick my butt.  I know when I wake up tomorrow-oh who am I kidding-from my nap I'll be sore.  We worked out my legs, biceps, back, and abs.  My legs feel like jello and my arms a little sore.  But hey that's ok because today is the start of my routine and I'm bound and determined to loose weight.  I don't have any reason to not hit the gym since everyone is back to feeling better and I can't let myself get any more lazy than what I already am.  However, I have noticed that my pants aren't as tight as they were so that's good even if the scale is stuck between 157 and 158.  Now those numbers represent my scale at home not the gym because well the one at the gym says I weigh a little more.  Ok so what about some of y'all, are any of you working out and if so let me know and we'll keep each other motivated and can exchange tips.  Have a great Monday.


chris said...

Good job!

Yea, you'll hurt later but it will be a good hurt! And working it out will make the hurt less...soooo....its motivation to do more working out!

I started using my ab lounge (religiously) today and doing yoga. I am STUCK between 175 and 180!!! It's sooo frustrating!

Burg said...

I know what you mean.. I've been hard at it doing some lifting..

I lift my fork.. I lift the remote.. I should be lifting the laundry right now, but I'm just too wore out.