Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here we go again

First let me say that yesterday I did manage to workout at home and ride the bike for about 15 min.-go me.

Now on to the real post: here I was feeling good just got done working out and making dinner when it happens.  I bring them down and put Monkey in the highchair and then he spewed all over his tray.  So I go and clean him up and then after a while give him a couple of crackers and some 7-up to settle his stomach (we didn't have any pedilite).  And to my great surprise he kept it all down, ok well a couple of times I thought he would loose it but no everything was fine.  David came home and bought some pedilite hopefully this will help.  Now lets fast forward to 11 p.m.  I go to check in on him and notice a wet spot on his pillow.  I move his head and discover that his pillow is drenched along with his shirt, with a few pieces of gunk in his hair.  Gave him a bath and put him in bed with us and thankfully no more spews.  I guess we'll see how today goes.

As for the gym not today but I will make myself workout at home-I have to.  Alright well I'll talk to y'all later-hope y'all are having a good morning.


Tracy said...

Don't you love how they don't even give you warning before the spewing starts? Caroline on time was riding her bike and spewed mid peddle. They are so amazing.
I hope everyone is feeling better today!

chris said...


Hope he feels better!

And Congrats on working out! I keep telling myself I will make time for it every morning. But I finally decided that if I just type really fast when leaving comments on blogs then that will be sufficient calorie burning :-D

Julie said...

Sorry to hear Monkey wasn't feeling well. hopefully it has passed and left your house by now!

Catwoman said...

Poor baby! And poor you for having to clean up the mess!