Monday, August 13, 2007

The Meteor Shower

So did any of you go out and watch the meteor shower last night?  David and I did and it was awesome.  Since we live out in the country the sky is always clear so we layed a blanket out and watched them shoot by.  I've never sat outside to watch one so last night was my first time, it was so cool and it made me think about when I was younger how I wanted to go up in space and be an astronaut.  Oh and then all of a sudden we hear this helicopter coming toward us and you know it was right over us and we couldn't see it at all-I'm talking no lights no shape-nothing.  It was kind of weird but I'm sure it was some kind of military thing.  As for our weekend it wasn't to bad we pretty much stayed inside since it was up in the 100's and the heat index was in the 110's-to freaking hot.  Anyway I hope you all had a good weekend.


Chris said...

We watched the meteor shower :-) We do every year 'cause it's the one Prince Charming and I were watching when he proposed ;-)

Glad you had a great weekend! It's hot hot here too. I'm sooooo ready for fall!

HowToMe said...

So glad you enjoyed the meteor shower. They are truly amazing events :-)

(Blogging Chicks)

Tracy said...

That totally explains a lot to me. As I've said before, I'm not one to watch the news. Not even for the weather part. I like to be surprised. Anyways, I had no idea there was a meteor shower going on but Chris and I went outside last night and we kept seeing shooting stars and we were totally amazed at all of them. A meteor shower sure does explain so much!
It was fun though because the hubby had never seen a shooting star and it was great that after eight years of marriage, we got to share a first. There aren't a lot of those anymore.
I'm glad you all enjoyed it and had a good weekend. Ours was really great too, heat and all!

Melanie said...

No we didn't get to see it. Adam worked very late last night! Oh well!
I have cleaning planned for today as well since the weather here is just too hot to be out in too. Looking forward to cooler temps soon (hopefully).