Saturday, August 11, 2007

Going Shopping

Let me start of by saying that kids were much better-thank goodness.  Oh and I took Sweet Pea shopping yesterday, and it wasn't to bad.  Of course she had an opinion on just about everything but thankfully she liked what I picked out for her so it wasn't like a battle of the wills.  And really what's not like since I bought her 3 pair of shoes, 3 skirts, 2 dresses, and tops to match.  She loves wearing skirts and dresses, but for playing and running errands she's cool with wearing jeans.  Speaking of what I bought have any of you noticed that plaid is very in right now?  As for me I like plaid and Sweet Pea looked adorable in the outfits, they're cute with a little funk mixed in.  Now the only problem I had was having her try on the clothes.  She couldn't understand why she had to try on all the clothes but I made her since I didn't want to have to come back to return stuff.  Oh and once she had the outfits on she would stand and pose in the mirror-what a diva.

As for today I plan on doing some laundry, and dusting-now doesn't that sound like fun.  I don't think we'll be going outside since it's supposed to get up to the 100's today.  Ugh!  I'm so ready for cold weather.


Tracy said...

I'm like you, I would rather go through the pain of having her try them on than to go through returning the stuff. I have noticed that plaid is very in. I love my girls in little plaid dresses and stuff. They look so cute.
It made me laugh when I read about her posing in the mirror. That's the same thing that Em does when she's trying on clothes.
Last year when we were shopping for an Easter dress, she had to pose and then do a twirl. She picked the dress that had the best twirl ability to it. If only we could pick our clothes out like that!

Melanie said...

I am just the opposite with clothes shopping. I take them home have them try them on and then return them if needed. Probably because I have 4 boys in tow! :)
Glad it turned out okay though!