Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Between Classes

Good Afternoon Everyone!  Today I am on campus doing my course openings and so far the day is going pretty well.  I left early this morning and David is home taking care of the kiddos.  As for how they are doing well when I talked him earlier he said they were fighting-ahhh I'm glad it's him and not me.  Ok well I do hope that they act better for him but I am welcoming the break even though I really miss them.  I'll be home tomorrow afternoon after two more openings; the best part is that this is the last time I have to drive up here.  You would think with a distance program you wouldn't have to come up here every semester, oh well last time until graduation!!  Alright well I'll talk to y'all tomorrow-have a great day :)


Krista Ratley said...

Dads need that great "sibling" bonding time! :) They need to understand just what we deal with everyday! Have fun!

Melanie said...

I will admit to allowing a slight evil chuckle escape when I read that the kids were fighting for Daddy... shame on me, I know! :)

Good Luck with your classes!