Monday, August 20, 2007

TOTW: Toys

I know I haven't done a Mommy Talk in a long time but I've decided to pick it back up again.  The one sight that would host Mommy Talk is no longer doing it but instead has a link to a forum that has topics of the week-TOTW: Toys - Baby Talkers Forums-this is last weeks topic but I think it's an interesting one.

toys, toys, toys... how much is too much (same thing with clothes)!?!

What is an appropriate amount of toys for a child to have? Do you find yourself always looking for new toys or the next best thing? Do you go to friends' houses and see a toy and say to yourself "my kid has to have that"? How much is too much? What are your child's favorite toys? Are they even REAL toys??

I can't say what I think is an appropriate amount of toys because I don't think it matters how much or little my kids have it would be scattered all over the floor.  But at the same time I don't think it's necessary to go out and buy every single hot new toy that comes out because really it all that stuff would get to be to much.  Oooo I just thought of a toy that we have WAY, WAY, to much of and I've told family to not buy anymore-STUFFED ANIMALS.  Seriously folks the amount of stuffed animals we have is a bit ridiculous.  Most of them are Sweet Peas and Monkey has a few but not nearly as many.  Anyways I have them tied to a rope hanging from the ceiling-I'll post a pic soon-which thankfully has kept them off the floor.  As for the ones that wouldn't fit on the rope I decided if they were worthy enough to keep and if not then off to the goodwill.

Which brings up another thing how often do you go thru toys.  As for me I go thru when I can't stand all the little messes everywhere; which is about every few months.  Most of the toys that throw out are the McDonald's toys, because really they aren't toys.  David doesn't like the idea of giving their toys away because of space issues so instead I box the good ones up like all the infant toys; you know just in case ;)  But for big stuff we haven't done anything with them because just when I think they don't play with it I'll see them dragging it out and having a good time.  Now I do realize in a couple of years Sweet Pea could grow out of playing with her Dora Castle and then I'll have to decide what to do but until then I guess I won't worry about it.  And Monkey just plays with whatever but makes the biggest mess out of all the Little People stuff. 

Alright I know my answer wasn't profound or really even helpful so you can imagine the mess I have pick up every day.  But what about you moms and dads out there-any tips of what you do, or when you think enough is enough.


Melanie said...

I couldn't tell you what exactly is enough toys, but like you said regardless of how many they have it would still make a mess!
I go through the toys every few months. I throw away all fast food toys as soon as I can generally. All other toys that will not be passed down to the next kiddo at some point go either to freecycle or donated to VVA or Goodwill or something.
We do not buy toys just because they are "in". My kids only see toy shopping sprees after a holiday or birthday when they receive money or gift cards as gifts.
We are condensed to some 4 drawer organizers for figures, blocks, cars, legos, etc and then 2 small toy boxes for large toys in the rooms and one small tote for some toys in the living room corner. All toys in the boxes rotate through the rooms generally. I have learned that when everything has its place (bins, baskets, etc) it helps keep things a little bit neater! :)

Chris said...

We have a LOT of toys here. Mostly because the kids are the only grandkids on one side of the family and are spoiled.

Our biggest messes are Little People's but I think that's just the sheer numbers. Beans two bdays and last Christmas I told everyone who asked to get her little peoples, therefore she pretty much has them all. It seems crazy, I know, but they are something that all 3 kids will play with together. That type of interaction is worth the piles :-)

Jesse said...

Melanie-We have some bins too but and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

Chris-For Sweet Pea's 1st birthday I told everyone to buy Little People stuff and now they've taken over. But like you said they're worth it because they can both play with them.

Catwoman said...

You can always sell the stuff at a consignment sale when you're done with it and buy some new gently used toys with the money! :)

That's what I've started doing with the stuff that I don't want to keep for the next baby (if there will be a second baby!)

MGM said...

consign....I totally consign...both sell and buy. I use shelving units with storage bins. The big Little People things store on the shelves and all the pieces go in one large basket on a shelf as well.

By the way, thanks for the bombshell link. I did mine and found I was compared to Liv Tyler, which is awesome, because I think she is cool.