Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm Baaaack

Good morning everyone in bloggy land.  I'm so happy to be back, but man did I have a lot of fun.  Camp really was awesome and what I saw God do in some of these kids was just absoulutely amazing.  Everynight we were seeing kids saved and some that were recomminting their lives.  Our speaker was Robert Madu, and really y'all this guy was awesome and his messages were great and to where the kids could relate and understand, oh and he was also really funny.

Now for the girls in my cabin: Well the other counselor with me was great, her and I had so much fun all week getting to really know each and just hanging out.  As for the girls that came with us-they are nuts.  I'm talking crazy hyper but not to the point of being annoying.  They had me laughing all week which was exactly what I needed because without them I would have been really missing my family.  Don't get me wrong I missed them but the girls helped me to not be so sad. 

As for what we did the whole week, we had team competitions, the lake, water slides, and even some free time.  We also had a group bible time and the services in the evenings.  Ooo we were even able to have fireworks on the 4th and that was awesome.  Last year we couldn't because we had no rain and there was a burn ban but since it's been raining every other day it all worked out and I was glad because the 4th isn't the same with out some fireworks. 

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm back and I can't wait to catch up and find out what y'all have been up to this week.


Tracy said...

I'm glad you're back! I missed you! It sounds like you had a really good time.
During VBS they did a call for anyone to come to the front that wanted to dedicate their lives to God and my friend said that Caroline went up and that she had this really serious look on her face and kept her head bowed and eyes closed the whole time. I wish I could have seen it.
That's great that you got to have fireworks. you're right, the 4th just isn't the same without them.
I'm glad you had fun but I'm also really glad you're back! Talk to you soon.

Catwoman said...

Glad you had fun! I'm sure your family was glad to have you back too!