Thursday, June 7, 2007

Enough of Paris!

"Hey, you guys!" 

“The price is wrong bitch.”-Happy Gilmore 

I was watching Access Hollywood yesterday and what do you think they were talking about-you guessed it Paris Hilton.  I'm not surprised at all since she's now in jail but what shocked me was how they were talking about the media coverage from around the world-United Kingdom, Austrailia, Germany, Japan-you name it they're talking about her.  Now seriously is that the most exciting thing going on the world is Paris going to jail.  Personally I'm glad she's going, I'm sick and tired of seeing how if you're filthy stinking rich or a celebrity somehow the law doesn't apply to you.

Now listen I'm a huge fan of celebrity gossip, and yes I read the tabloids but I don't think anything they do should occupy the world's news while there are soo many more important things going on in the world.  You know how Angelina and Brad are raising their kids apart from each other-lol.  Oh and for the record I'm for Angelina I think she's way prettier than Jennifer.

Anyway I just had to say something about it because well I think I've been quiet long enough.  Ok one last thing.  Look at what happened to Brittany.  Granted she asked for most of the attention and she made some mistakes, but seriosly enough was enough.  I actually feel sorry for her because no matter what she does she's a terrible mom and I  think they took some stuff out of context.  I mean no wonder she ended up having to go to rehab.  I mean can you imagine someone watching your every single move as a first time mom.  I know I made some mistakes but I can't imagine the world watching my every single freaking move.  Am I making any sense here? 

Ok now I'm done sorry for the rant it was just bugging me I guess because I can't stand her, and there are many more celebs worth talking about.



Catwoman said...

I totally forgot to post in my comments last night that I knew yesterday's quote!!! GRRRR! Of course, I don't know today's, so now I can't post an answer for that one. Sigh.

Yeah, I'm so sick of all the Paris coverage. I knew it'd get worse after she went to jail, and I knkow it'll get even worse when she comes out! GAAAAAH!

And I blogged a long time ago in support of Britney when she was getting all the crap for "almost" dropping her first son. So I'm totally with you on that one! Nobody's a perfect mom.

Tracy said...

AS for Paris, I'm sick of her too but the hubby read online today, Thursday, that after three whole days in the slammer she has been released for 1.over population in the jails and 2. she was near a nervous breakdown. See what money can buy you? Think she's learned her lesson?
And as for Brittany, I totally agree with you. I felt sorry for her too because I remember being a new mom and being so afraid that you were doing something wrong. And the thing that made me so mad about her almost dropping her baby was the fact that she must have had twenty people around her taking her picture, which was the reason she was walking fast and almost fell, but not one of them tried to help her not drop the baby. They were too busy clicking the camera. I can't believe that all of this is for the sake of entertainment.

chris said...

I was soooooo annoyed when I found out she was under house arrest after 3 days! SERIOUSLY!! It's so absurd.

And I agree about Britney. No mom, especially a first timer, is going to get it all right. Yeah she made some stupid mistakes but overall everyone was being ridiculous about it.

mamabright said...

I just wanted to say I'm still checking your movie quotes...but you've had me totally stumped for the last few days...

I was tagged the other day for a meme of 8 facts/habits about myself…and now I’m tagging you…

I’d love for you to take a few minutes to check out this meme on my blog…

blessings, amy :-)