Friday, June 1, 2007

Another poop story

Benny boo boo... boo boo boo!

“It’s not true.  Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends, and noodle salad.  Just no one in this car.  But a lot of people, that’s their story.  Good times, noodle salad.  What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you’re that pissed that so many others had it good.” -As Good As It Gets

I haven't really had anyone answer my last two quotes so I was wondering if y'all would like me to stop the movie quotes.  If you do that is fine with me I promise my feelings won't be hurt.

Ok now on to my poop story.  This morning my head is just one big blah because well I'm suffering from allergies.  Anyways I couldn't think of anything to post until I read Catwoman's post about her son's poop issue.  Now I know what some of you are thinking-ewww gross.  Well I guess it can be but when you're a mom most things don't gross you out anymore.  Any way thank you Catwoman for giving me something to write about today.

About a month ago I wrote about David's First Poopy Diaper-if you haven't read it you should because I think it's hilarious.  Once again my poop story involves David, and I think they are both just as funny.  That's right I have not one but two stories to share with you today-don't y'all just feel lucky.

Story 1: When Sweet Pea was a little over 1 yr. I had to leave for management training which left David completely alone for about 1 week.  Well he calls me during my break to tell me how terrible his morning was.  Apparently Sweet Pea got up real early and was playing around in her crib.  Well she got bored and decided to take off her diaper.  David finally hears her over the intercom so he goes into the room and what do you think he finds....If you said poop then you are correct.  He said there was poop everywhere, the crib, on her, the wall, and the floor.  I couldn't help myself but I started laughing and the more upset he got the harder I laughed.  Now if that had happened to me I would have been just as upset having to clean up poop off of everything, but when it happens to someone else if just seems funny.

Story 2: This one happend about a couple of months ago and it deals with my Chunky Monkey.  Once again David was at home with the kids and was going to give CM a bath.  What David didn't know was that he had pooped in his diaper.  Well without looking in the diaper (apparently it didn't stink) he puts him in the tub.  And then that's when he sees it, poop smeared on the bathtub wall and now some floating in the tub.  Oh man you know I'm laughing about it right now.

Story 3: I almost forgot this last one but I promise it's funny, and yes it happend to David again.   While CM was playing and watching t.v. David decided to go check something on the computer.  As he's checking whatever he starts to smell something-hmm wonder what it could be.  He goes out there and sure enough CM pooped only this time it leaked out of the diaper.  So he picks him up puts him on the changing table to clean him up and then afterwards he said he had to pee so he and CM are in the bathroom.  Well CM was naked since David was going to give him a bath.  Well wouldn't you know as David is peeing CM decided that he needs to pee too.  So not only did David have to clean poop off the carpet, but he also had to clean pee off the floor and wash the bathroom rug.

Oh man how I wish I could have been there all these times this has happened to him, ok well maybe not because then I would have had to help him clean.  But man I'm sitting her laughing to myself because I don't know how this always happens to him.


mamabright said...

poop stories are the funniest...especially when they are dh poop stories!!! ROFL

please don't stop your movie quotes...I'm reading them...every day...I just didn't know the last two...but what's yesterday's just sounded like a Jack Nicholson character...but I wasn't going to it turns out...I've only even seen that movie once...years ago!

today's quote from one of my ALL-time favorite movies!!! I can hear (and see) it being said in my head...

it is from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...said by Andie Anderson (the Kate Hudson character) the totally hunky Ben Barry (the Matthew McConaughey character)...LOVE this movie!!!

blessings, amy :-)

Tracy said...

Oh man, she beat me to guessing that quote! I thought that was from the movie!
I love the poop stories and you're right, if you had been there, hubby would have been nowhere in sight! They seem to master the art of disappearing when something like that happens!

Catwoman said...

Fantastic poop stories! :)

As far as the quotes go, I'm pretty terrible with quotes, so I haven't known any of those! But keep them coming! I always like finding out where they're from.