Monday, June 4, 2007

Birth Stories, and My Weekend

 "You tell 'em I'M coming... and hell's coming with me, you hear?... "

Benny boo boo… boo boo boo!-How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days I love this movie.

This weeks Mommy Talk is about birth stories and since I've already written about mine before here are the links: My-First-Go-Round, and Round-2.  Hope you enjoy them!

 Alright well I think I will talk about my weekend if none of you mind.  Ok well Saturday wasn't very interesting for at least the first part of the day.  Unless you can't cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the floor, and doing some laundry interesting.  Actually I was quite surprised with myself since I wasn't in the mood to do anything, but now that I have a mp3 I find house work a bit more enjoyable.  As for Saturday night I was at church and once again it was another awesome night.  Ok quick story-That night I told myself that I was not going up for prayer since I did the night before.  Now I know some who say that we should get all the prayer we need since what could prayer hurt.  And in truth I do believe that we all could use prayer whether for ourselves or for those we love.  But as for me I guess I didn't want to look like one those who has to be up there for every prayer calling; do you get me?  Anyways one of the girls asked me to go up there because it wouldn't hurt, I said no I'm going to hang back here.  Well guess what Daniel (evangelist) said that God said all those who are wanting to go into ministry should come up so he could pray for them.  Well wouldn't you know that's me, and I of course made my way up front.  Apparently God figured I needed to be up there that night, and afterwards Sharla and I had a good laugh about it.

You wouldn't believe how tire I was yesterday morning, I mean just getting out of bed took way to much effort but I did it.  So to say I was ready to teach and help with kids church was asking a lot from me.  Now onto Sunday, first off yesterday marked as my first day to teach a Sunday school class (Jr. High).  I only had two kids and they should up about half-way thru but that's ok because I was glad to have someone there.  This month I also signed up to do Kids Church which goes on during big service.  Thankfully by then the coke I drank that morning was finally kicking in and I was able to have some energy for the kids.  But after church I went home skipped lunch and took a nap.  I repeat I skipped lunch-wonder what the scale will say tomorrow.  But I had to have a nap because last night started our Kids Krusade-it's like VBS.  Sweet Pea was of course really, really, really excited, and I was also volunteered to be a helper.  Someone please ask me what I was thinking to tackle on three new things in one day-am I nuts or what!?!  Let me tell you that it was a blast and we had so much fun dancing, singing, and playing games.  Then the best part happened.  Toward the end of it they explain to the kids about accepting Jesus in your heart and if you would like to make that commitment to please come down to the front.  So of course Sweet Pea turns and asks me and I break it down for her because she's 4.  Well she said she loves Jesus and wants him in her heart and so she goes up to the front.  They ask for the helpers to come up and I do and stand with her and we say the prayer together.  It was so awesome and I was so happy to not only see her but many other kids make that choice.  Now I just pray that she always want to live for Him and that she won't have to go thru the things I went thru, and hopefully she will learn from my mistakes because the road I went down is not one I would wish on either one of my kids.  But I'm sure we as parents all feel that exact same way.


Jann said...

Thanks for sharing! GREAT birth stories!

chris said...

YEY Sweet Pea! What a wonderful moment for you both!