Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Round 2

Now for the story about my Chunky Monkey.  To start off this little was planned.  I quit my job in Feb. 2005 and then two months later we found out I was pregnant.  I know can you believe it, ok well I can because I think David and I are a couple of fertile myrtles.  Well this time around I wanted to break the news in an exciting way so I waited until Mother's Day.  My mom came in to town and his parents were with us so we all had lunch together.  Ok so what I did was get a card for the both of them and wrote at the bottom that I was pregnant and had them read it at the same time.  They both screamed and then cried. 

Fast forward oh I don't know four months to when David and I found out what we were going to have.  I'll never forget when she said it looks like you're going to have a boy.  "What! Are you serious?!?"  Yep that's right we were going to have a little boy; I started crying and David just stood there shocked unable to say anything.  He honestly thought that we would have another girl. 

So you better believe I called everyone and told them the good news and of course I started shopping for baby clothes.  Ok let me just say that little boy clothes are not nearly as fun picking out as little girl clothes.  Plus my husband has to put in his two cents because he's a man.  I mean really there just isn't a lot to choose from: dogs, dinosaurs, cars, sports.  Yeah I think that about sums it up.

Once again this little guy decided to hold out until one day before his due date too.  Instead of having cramps I remember waking up at around 4 a.m. to go to the bathroom and noticed I was leaking.  I probably got up about two more times until it hit-umm hello idiot your water is breaking.  You would think I would have a better clue the second time around-but in my defense it was 4 in the morning.  So I went and woke up his parents so they could watch Sweet Pea for us, grabbed my stuff and can you believe I was standing there leaking waiting on David.  I'm mean he's up there making sure he has cd's or something I don't know but I do know that I was ready to go. 

The car ride was much more calmer, no screaming or anything.  I called my mom and sister and my mom said she would be here asap.  We get to the hospital and David lets me out so I can check in while he parks the car.  Now this may seem gross but having your water constantly leak was the grossest thing ever, and very uncomfortable.  I asked if I could go to the bathroom and the lady said no that I had to wait until I was upstairs.  Great well then can we please hurry this up because it looks like I'm peeing on myself and I feel disgusting.  Finally here comes the wheelchair to take me to my room.

I get up there and everything is going great, well it was.  As I was laying there it turned out the my Chunky Monkey's heartbeat would drop.  They had me turn on my side and then my back but his heart rate would drop again.  They called my Dr. and she came in and checked to make sure the cord wasn't wrapped around his head.  At this point you would think that I would be freaking out but it was the opposite, I was absolutely calm, I just knew that everything would be ok.  Anyways I was making sure I got an epidural this time around and the Dr. said I needed one anyway in case they would have to do an emergency c-section.  

As for the epidural, it wasn't really that painful.  It did hurt but more of like a bad bruise that someone keeps poking.  After that I felt great, no nausea, no side effects, nothing.  I took a little nap and then by 11 a.m. it was time to push.  Before I get into that my mom was there but sister couldn't make it, as for my mil umm she decided to run a couple of errands and when she got there it was time to push-crazy lady.  So before I do one practice push David is standing in the corner, I ask him if he wants to come and he does but he's acting really weird.  Ok back to the push, I do it and then the nurse says that his heart rate has dropped again.  My mom is freaking out which is now making me nervous but the Dr. comes in and we go ahead.  After three pushes my little Chunky Monkey came into the world.  And as soon as I heard his cry I started crying.  My mil asked me "why are you crying?"  Because I was so happy to finally see him and hold him in my arms.  He looked like an angel.  

David cuts the cord and holds him and looks like a very proud papa.  As they are cleaning him off I ask him what's wrong and he said he was just really nervous about him because of his heart rate dropping that he was starting to feel sick.  Poor guy, he didn't want me to see how upset he was.  Then he walks to the incubator to see him and as they're cleaning him off I hear David laughing because my little monkey peed on the nurse.  Afterwards David took him to the nursery and stayed there to get all of the info.

I look at my little Chunky Monkey now and I can't believe that he's already 15 months old.  It seems that my life has been on fast forward since my little girl was born and all I want to do is just slow it down a bit to enjoy all of the moments.


Krista said...

Hey there, I have been hiding! I have just gotten updated for a week on all of your posts. I love the supermodel, I do that when with my four year old and we just dance, so much fun! I am sorry to hear you couldnt find the cake but tinkerbell is oh so cute!

I guess your yard looks beautiful now, could you get your tank top on and head on over to my house--I have some heavy yard work that I need done...LOL :)

I will be doing inside work today -organizing closets and dressers--YUCK! I want to just lay around in my PJ's and do nothing --but Life is not having that!

I will check in with you later, hopefully I am back for a while--I am about to sign on to MOG!

Catwoman said...

I loved reading both of your stories! Call me a sap but I can't get enough mommy stories!

Krista said...

Hey -just got in from Wal Mart--if you havent already bought Tinkerbell --they have in the arts and crafts section a "Color Wonder" kit with the backyardigans featured. It had a colored picture on the outside and you could probably color a picture and it would make it that much more meaningful!