Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Dentist

Ok I don't know about anyone else but I absolutely hate the dentist, the sounds of everything and just the way it feels.  Man I get the chills just thinking about it.  Anyway the reason I'm bringing this up is because I had to go today for a cavity fill.  So not only do I hate going but as I was walking up the steps I tripped, I didn't fall on my face but I did stumble.  As far as I know no one inside saw me and I don't know if anyone did outside.  Was I embarrassed; yes.  Ok so the dentist wasn't to bad but it wasn't great either.  He said it's a good thing that it didn't hurt because it was pretty deep-oh thanks how comforting.  Oh well it's all done and over with, but I do need to go back to have my teeth clean.

Before I go I have to tell you about the first time I had a cavity; I was 21.  That's right I'm not lying I really was 21.  Well at the time it had been awhile since I went and wouldn't you know I had 2 cavities.  Next thing I see is the dentist holding a shot and I said "um where exactly are you going to give me that shot?"  Needless to say he thought it funny and said "where else but in your mouth."  Excuse me for not knowing but this is my first time to have to do this, oh and did I mention I was almost in tears.  And for the record it was horrible they had to give me another shot in the middle of my fillings because it hurt so bad and that second shot didn't make it that much better.  So afterwards with drool hanging from my mouth I tell my mom about my ordeal and do you know what she did--she laughed at me and pretty much said the same thing the dentist said.  I'm so glad I was a source of amusement for them that day.


Krista Ratley said...

THanks for visiting my site--I found your site yesterday and didnt have time to read much and make a comment! I mainly blog during working hours and late at night after the girls go to bed.
I love this story--I hate the dentist--and my dentist is a wonderful man! He is so gentle and kind-and he never hurts me--it is just the thought! And not only that--his front desk person lives in the town where I do and every morning somehow I end up in front of her and she rides my tail in a terrific hurry to get to work! It makes me so mad--I have even mentioned it to her and she laughs it off. It irritates me and so I hate to face her when I go! And man if you cancel an appointment-be ready because they will hound you everyday about it! Dreadful! Your story reminds of the Bill Cosby Himself comedy show -have you seen it? "obekabe"!!! Have a beautiful day!

Jennifer said...

I am terrified of the dentist! I have never had a cavity and that is because I only brush due to fear of someday having to have a power tool in my mouth to drill a hole in one of my teeth. NOooooo!